During the day the rouble is stable in the absence of strong signals

According to MICEX the dollar exchange rate calculations “tomorrow” at 13.39 Moscow time increased by 0.02 ruble – to 65,54 rouble, the Euro rate decreased by 0.04 ruble – to 69,56 ruble.

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. Dmitry Mayorov. The ruble on Thursday stabilized, digesting received in the previous days external signals.

A day in the U.S. (celebrated Thanksgiving) accounts for the low market activity. Auction dollar calculations “today” are not measured.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” at 13.39 Moscow time increased by 0.02 ruble — to 65,54 rouble, the Euro rate decreased by 0.04 ruble — to 69,56 ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.


The ruble against the dollar and Euro on Thursday afternoon, changes little. The passage of the peak of the tax period and uncertain dynamics of the oil market, unable to settle above $ 46 dollars put some pressure on the ruble.

In the center of attention of the oil market has appeared at once a number of data published on Wednesday. In particular, the U.S. Department of energy reported that oil stocks in the country over the past week rose by 1 million barrels — up to 488,2 million barrels. Analysts had expected an increase of 1.2 million barrels.

The peak of the November tax period, the payment of mineral extraction tax on 25 November passed, and the demand for rubles has dropped slightly.

Weak results of auction for placement of OFZ in the Ministry of Finance also signal the fallen demand for rubles.

At the same time, geopolitical risks have faded into the background amid a weighted statements and actions of the Russian side and regrets expressed by the Turkish.

In the end, the ruble will stabilize, slightly changing against the backdrop of low market activity, partly due to weekend in the U.S., where Thanksgiving is celebrated.

Forecasts and recommendations

To wait for some impressive growth oil in the near future, estimates from Irina Rogov, Forex Club.

“Although, considering the closed American markets, we can expect increased volatility, which does not exclude another attempt to overcome the Brent oil marker 46,40 and try to settle above $ 47 per barrel. In this case, the pair USD/RUB may see a decline in the district level 65”, she added.

Today to give impetus to the dynamics of the ruble is a loud statement on Russian-Turkish relations, according to analysts at the Institute of contemporary economy. In the USA the day off in honor of Thanksgiving, and volatility will be low, as the currency and commodity markets, they say.

“On Thursday, a slight strengthening of the ruble on the background of the faltering attempts by Turkey to justify to Russia for the downed plane. Though the Euro against the dollar hit a seven-month low and is committed to long-term records (about 1.06 at the moment), against ruble trend in the decline of the European currency has not been formed”, — believe in the Institute’s current economy.