FCS: the fee for international parcels may reach €10-15 at their cost of €22-150

MOSCOW, November 26. Russia supports the introduction of fees for international shipments in the amount of €10-15 (discusses the various options within the range) are sending cost 22-150, and 30% of the cost plus €10-15 at a cost of €150. The issue can be resolved at the national level, told reporters the Deputy head of the Federal customs service (FCS ) Tatiana Galendeev.

“Up to £ 22 – free entry, from 22 to 150 – flat rate of €10-15. If above 150 ( € ) this rate is 30% plus €10-15,” said she.

FCS will open a special unit to combat the shadow online trading

Federal customs service will also open up the special unit to combat Internet trade of prohibited goods, including drugs and weapons, the end of the year on the basis of a Central Board on struggle with smuggling. This was announced by Deputy head of FCS Ruslan Davydov.

“The decision is made, it (the unit) will be created in the near future, this year”, – said Davydov. According to him, the new structure will not only control the mail delivery orders online stores but also against trade via the Internet drugs and weapons.

The fight against the shadow market of Internet trade has become one of the main themes is taking place today in Sochi of the 21st meeting of heads of law enforcement divisions of customs services of the European region of the world customs organization (WCO). Representatives to the meeting sent custom 22 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.