Found in Botswana “diamond century” valued at more than $60 million

Found in Botswana “diamond century” valued at more than $60 million

Moscow. On 26 November. The second largest in the history of the 1111 diamond weighing carats, was found last week on the Karowe mine in Botswana, estimated by the operator Lucara Diamond Corp. more than $60 million, reports Bloomberg.

According to the Director of Lucara Diamond William lamb, the value of the diamond should be significantly more than $60 million – the lower threshold of market valuation at the current moment. To specify the amount he refused, adding that “even his wife until told”.

The company has already declined the offer to buy her a jewel, still do not have their own name, for $40 million In a hurry there is no need, as Lucara Diamond is not burdened by debt, said Lam.

According to him, the London Museum of natural history wants to hold an exhibition with diamond as the main exhibit, and the Discovery channel have expressed a desire to make a documentary about a rare find.

To the question, are the new humanity of diamonds weighing over 1,000 carats, Lam said that “there is no real statistics, but this diamond is an absolute anomaly, it’s too distracting from the overall series”.

The size of the stone is transparent gem-quality type IIa (without admixtures of nitrogen or boron), only slightly less than tennis ball. These diamonds did not come across for more than 100 years – the legendary Cullinan, the weight of which before the separation was 3106 carats was found in South Africa in 1905. Estimated value of Cullinan – $2 billion, but the stone was never put up for auction.

In July Lucara diamond has sold the same type IIa, but significantly smaller (341,9 CT), for $20.6 million, or $60 thousand per carat. According to Lam, $60 thousand – the usual industry benchmark for large diamonds, however, so rare an instance it may bring more.

Lucara Diamond plans to split the discovery into several parts – one large stone and several smaller ones, from 20 to 30 carats.

The record of this century – the diamond the Promise of Lesotho (Lesotho Promise) that weighed 603 carats and cost $12.4 million, was converted in 26 flawless diamonds, including a pear-almost 80 carats.