In the Kremlin began the ceremony of the President credentials of foreign ambassadors

MOSCOW, November 26. Russian President Vladimir Putin receives credentials from 15 new arrivals on the Russian Federation ambassadors of foreign States. The ceremony, symbolizing the official beginning of work of the head of the diplomatic mission in Russia, held by tradition in the Alexander hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Credentials to the Russian President on Thursday handed the ambassadors from the Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe, Palestine, South Ossetia, Mauritius, Panama, Sudan, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Sweden, Estonia, Malaysia, Israel and the Congo. All these diplomats arrived in Moscow in recent months.

As a rule, at a solemn ceremony in the Kremlin invited about half a dozen ambassadors, who came to work in Russia in recent months. They passed to the President of the Russian Federation so-called credentials is a symbolic message from the head of their state with a request to trust your representative. The President of Russia appeals to the diplomats with a brief greeting, and then invited them to raise a glass of champagne in honor of the beginning of a diplomatic career in Russia.