In the pipeline in Bulgaria recorded a decrease of pressure

SOFIA, November 25. /Corr. Igor Lenka/. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, on an official visit to China, reported that it recorded a decrease of pressure in the pipeline in Bulgaria.

“Just had a meeting about the situation. The fact that since yesterday the pressure in the pipes dropped. We have taken measures, but it would be good to resolve the issue, because we are in the beginning of winter,” – said the head of government, quoted in Bulgarian media.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the company “Bulgartransgaz” George of Gegi said that gas supplies from Russia to Bulgaria continue “in full”, according to Bloomberg.

“At the moment all long-term contracts on gas supply are performed in their entirety, including transit, he said. – There is no official information neither from Russia nor from Ukraine that something prevents the delivery”.

The Minister of energy of Bulgaria Temenujka Petkov claims that the reasons to worry about the gas supplies to Bulgaria is not.

“In connection with the termination of gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine, we held a special meeting to check the readiness of the system in terms of possible limitations of gas supplies and have come to the conclusion that at the moment of causes for concern. The company “Naftogaz” has informed that he will fulfill their contractual obligations on gas transit. Fluctuations of gas pressure, which we noted last night, are part of the contractual obligations”, said Petkov.