Lavrov: to be at war with Turkey Russia is not going

Lavrov: to be at war with Turkey Russia is not going

MOSCOW, November 25. To enter the war with Turkey, Russia will not be. “To be at war with Turkey we are not going, toward the Turkish people have not changed, – the Minister emphasized. – There are only questions for the Turkish leadership”.

The Minister noted that the Russian side has always sought “to establish practical and pragmatic relations with our Turkish neighbours, including in the context of the Syrian crisis, especially when we started the operation of VC in the SAR at the request of the official Damascus.” “The President yesterday stressed that we have always sought with respect to the regional interests of our neighbors, including the regional interests of Turkey,” – said Lavrov.

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Putin has signed the decree about rewarding crews su-24M and a search helicopter

“Now, perhaps, should not be a secret much of what we are talking about how terrorists use Turkish territory for its operations in Syria, to prepare for attacks in different countries, how trying or not trying to fight the authorities. These facts were long known to all, – noticed the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – Not that we tried to close our eyes, but we are constantly trying to take into account the legitimate interests of our Turkish neighbors and tried to dialogue with them confidently, openly to explain our line. Tried to convince them that they still conducted a more balanced policy, non-looped only to overthrow (President Bashar al) Assad in any way and in this regard involving the allied relationships with any extremist groups. Never at what levels we were not publicized. Never expressed any negative assessments of the actions of the Turkish leadership”.

“Always called for constructive, collective action and bilateral and multilateral efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, the fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, Ankara in return did not answer,” – said Lavrov. According to him, even before the VC acts of the Russian Federation assessment of Ankara’s policy of the Russian Federation in the Syrian crisis were “inappropriate for the official presentation of the leaders of the Turkish Republic”.

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Sergei Lavrov, foreign Minister of Russia, about relations with Turkey

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The incident with su-24 “similar to the planned action”

The attack of the Turkish air force Russian su-24 like a deliberate provocation, pointed out the Minister.

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“Nonsensical and difficult to understand step”: the media about the attack of Turkey on the Russian su-24M

Sergey Lavrov reminded that in the document that Russia signed with the Americans and which lists necessary measures to avoid unintended incidents in the air, there is a special clause that States that “Americans are committed to ensure that all coalition members followed the procedures in this document are agreed”.

According to him, the Turkish Minister could not answer, was whether the Turks agreed with the Americans as “chiefs” of the coalition, its actions against Russian aircraft.

“Since beginning operations in Syria between the National control center of defense of the Russian Federation and the Turkish Ministry of defense was established, the hotline, which is not used neither yesterday nor before that, – said Lavrov. It also raises big questions”.

“We have serious doubts that it was unintentional act, it is very like a well – planned provocation,” said the Minister.

Moscow is ready to provide materials on emergency

Russia has the materials on the incident with su-24, and Moscow is ready to show them to their partners, said Sergey Lavrov.

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Putin: Turkey’s attack on the su-24 is a “stab in the back” of the Russian Federation, it will have serious consequences

“The Turks circulated a letter to the UN security Council, which outlined their version of what is repeatedly subjected to violations of its airspace, in this case warned that, now, at 17 seconds the plane flew, and they had no choice, – said the Minister. – This does not impress serious serious analysts and politicians. We did not write their letters, we just formally circulated to the UN security Council verbatim the entire transcript of yesterday’s announcement by President Putin before talks with Jordan’s king. This is now an official document of the UN security Council”.

“We have other materials that we will be ready to present to our partners, including the data of objective control, which the defence Ministry has already issued, as I understand it, in regard to the route of the aircraft,” – said Lavrov.

Ankara seeks to maintain friendly relations with Moscow

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry stated that foreign Minister pledged Ankara’s desire to maintain friendly relations with Russia.

“The Turkish Minister assured in an effort to maintain friendly relations, said again and again that it is the right of Turkey to attack any intruders of the airspace”, – said Lavrov.

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Lavrov said that cancels his visit to Turkey

The Minister noted that Russian authorities have no plans to pay visits to Turkey and to receive the representatives of the Republic in Moscow, but from the contacts, the Russian side is not going away.

Lavrov said that was going to fly to Turkey to take part in session Russian-Turkish Council for strategic planning, which is the coordinating structure of the international dialogue. “Of course, after the attack on our plane we this session was canceled,” – said the Minister.

“We don’t have plans to pay visits to the Turkish Republic or to accept here our Turkish colleagues, – he said. – Minister (foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut) Cavusoglu expressed the hope that we are somewhere on the sidelines of international events will be able to sit down and calmly discuss, mention, in particular, of the OSCE Ministerial Council, which will be held in Belgrade on December 3-4. I didn’t angazhirovana, it is necessary, first of all, not “easy to talk” and to understand all aspects and consequences of the incident”.

“From contacts, we are not leaving, my conversation today with the Minister Cavusoglu testimony”, – said Lavrov.

Turkey must understand that incidents like the su-24 is invalid

According to the Russian Minister, Turkey “we must draw conclusions from the fact that such attacks, which happened yesterday, are absolutely unacceptable.”

“I heard today from the Turkish foreign Minister is regrettable that it happened, condolences, but everything else was in our conversation on his part aims to justify the Turkish position, – said Lavrov. – Those facts that I brought, and about the attitude of Turkey to violations of its aircraft airspace of Syria, and that Turkish jets in the Aegean come into air space of Greece, on average, 1.5 thousand times a year, and Greece is constantly making protests about it. But to no avail”.

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Sergei Lavrov, foreign Minister of Russia, conversation with the foreign Minister of Turkey

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How can I normalize the situation

“What you need to do Turkey, so things are back to normal? wondered the Minister. – Must still conclude that a similar attack that occurred yesterday is intolerable. I heard from Minister çavuşoğlu (Turkish foreign Minister – ed.) condolences, but everything else was aimed to justify the Turkish position”.

“On two meetings in Vienna, an agreement was reached that the political process in Syria should be led by the Syrians themselves. Only they can determine the fate of the country, including the fate of Syria’s President Bashar Assad, said the Minister. – In addition, agreed to have the process started, we need to start UN-sponsored talks between the opposition and the government. But it needs to define the boundaries of who can present the opposition under a single free delegation”.

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According to the Minister, “the corresponding order was given to the representative of the United Nations, now engaged in compiling the proposals: who, what specific Syrian political groups, maybe even the representatives of the Syrian Patriotic opposition, who can be included in this delegation”. However, Lavrov recalled, “it was agreed to develop a common vision of a terrorist organization, and create a General list (such organizations)”. “This work is charged with coordinating Jordan, he said. – They engage in preparatory work, but it will be a long and complicated process”.

“Until there is a unified list of terrorist organizations, which would not extend the ceasefire, and not until the list of the opposition delegation, it is very difficult to continue the Vienna process, said the Minister. And all those spells that we hear that Russia is finally activated in the political process that we need to continue this process… all from evil, because Russia has never weakened the momentum in their efforts.”

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Shoigu: the second pilot of the downed su-24M saved and taken to the base, he is alive and healthy

The Russian side reiterated the Minister, was “the Syrian opposition gathered in Moscow gathered representatives of the government in Moscow and called for cooperation”. “But others, particularly those who are American coalition, relied on the overthrow of Assad, said Lavrov. – As soon as they realized that they have something does not work, only then changed their position”. “Our position is correct, she is open and honest, – said the head of Russian diplomacy. We must not, as some of our partners in Europe camouflaging our line some not very clear to zigzag statements. We hope that to do so will everybody else. But despite the importance of the Vienna process, until the decision of the last meeting (14 November) to reach agreement on the composition of the opposition delegation and the formation of a common list of terrorist organisations, further meetings in this format is very doubtful”.

“At least, impact we did not expect… And I mentioned this to our Western partners, including US Secretary of state John Kerry, who offered to meet again, – said the Minister. – To gather, to hold a meeting on “tug of war” on the fate of Assad is futile and meaningless. It’s a waste of time. Need to agree on the lists of terrorists and the composition of the delegation, without this negotiation process will not start”.

The attack on the su-24 should not be used for establishing in Syria no-fly zone

Russia expects an attack on the su-24 will not be used for pulling the idea of establishing in Syria no-fly zone, said Sergey Lavrov.

“According to recent information, in this area, which our Turkish colleagues believe inhabited by Turkomans, not only there are several hundreds, and maybe thousands with extra fighters from among the citizens of the Russian Federation, which pose a direct threat to our security, the security of our people, but, according to available information, in the same area is located and the infrastructure of the militants, including the warehouses with arms, ammunition, command centers, supply points,” said the Minister.

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Putin: Russia will use all means to ensure safety in Syria

In this connection, the Russian Minister asked Turkish colleagues, “does this attention of Ankara to the region, including ongoing proposals to create a buffer zone in the area, desire to preserve this infrastructure and to prevent its destruction”. According to him, this question remained unanswered.

“In light of yesterday’s incident with the Turkish air force attack on the Russian plane in a different light appears and the situation of illegal oil trade, the illegal oil industry, which “fighters” (militants of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state – ed.) created on its territory, – noticed Lavrov. – The incident happened yesterday after on these trucks, in General, the oil fields were applied targeted and very effective our air strikes”.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry recalled that on the sidelines of the summit “Groups 20” in Antalya, on the Turkish side probed the topic of the creation of a buffer zone, a no-fly zone. He expressed the hope that “such encroachments which involve the invasion of Syrian territory, to the territory of a sovereign state, is not will continue and that yesterday’s attack on our plane and this whole situation will not be used for by hook or by crook this idea of creating a no-fly zone, a buffer zone to push”.

The statement of NATO Secretary General

Russia is aware that the statement by NATO Secretary General on the su-24 was not literally agreed with all the countries of the Alliance, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

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The Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry urged not to expect objectivity from NATO in the assessment of the incident with su-24

“It was very hot, was very hot on this discussion (within NATO for su-24), – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – In Turkey for the attack on the Russian plane were expressed very hard-hitting assessment, but the proverbial solidarity of the allies still prevailed”. “We also know that the statement made by the Secretary-General, was not literally agreed upon by all, he took responsibility, looked at the leading NATO members, listened to them and said what he said”, – said Lavrov.

“Yesterday at the meeting of the NATO Council, or rather by its results, sounded strange evaluation, which did not contain any regret and condolences, and sought to cover up what made the Turkish air force. The same reaction was voiced by the EU”, – stressed the Minister.

“I thought that was a bit of a forced statement (Stoltenberg), by and large, covering what happened from the Turkish side, said the Minister. – NATO still 28 members, the debate yesterday in Brussels was, it was not to classify. And some information reaches us”.

“Especially I would single out, and said (the foreign Minister) Mr çavuşoğlu, (NATO Secretary General), the phrase that occurred yesterday underscores the need for action in the context of the dangerous proximity of the Russian military infrastructure to the borders of NATO, drew attention Lavrov. – I hope that everyone here people are literate and don’t need to explain what, in General, hypocritical background of these statement”.

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Lavrov believes that Turkey could negotiate with the US attack on su-24

“Some members of the coalition, including those of its combat aircraft for strikes on Iraq and Syria, we are confidentially told that as the aircraft – American manufacturing, Americans need to ask the consent of the US on this action, – said Lavrov. – As I understand it, our plane was shot down by American F-16. I wonder whether that demand of the Americans in Turkey, and, if applies, I wonder whether asked Turkey permission from the United States to raise in the air and their aircraft over Syrian territory to bring down even the unknown aircraft”.

The Minister further said that EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini speaks on 25 November in the European Parliament. “She also asked about a telephone conversation, – said Lavrov. – Maybe after meeting with you we will get a chance”.

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Sergei Lavrov, foreign Minister of Russia, about the reaction of NATO

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On the proposal of the President of France

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation called faithful proposal of the President of France françois Hollande to take action on closing the Syrian-Turkish border.

“I noticed, going back to the press conference of the presidents of France and the USA Francois Hollande and Barack Obama in Washington that the President of France proposed to take action to close the Turkish-Syrian border to stop the flow of fighters and recharge of the terrorists, – said the Russian Minister. – It is significant that President Obama did not respond, but I think this is the right proposal”.

“I hope that tomorrow (at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin), the President Hollande in detail we will tell about it, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. We would be willing to seriously consider the necessary measures”.

“Many say that by blocking this border, we, in essence, let the terrorist threat in Syria,” added Lavrov.

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Sergei Lavrov, foreign Minister of Russia, the closure of the Turkish-Syrian border

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Russia does not want to artificially create problems for Turkish companies

Russia does not want to artificially create problems for Russian and Turkish companies and producers, but the actions of Ankara unanswered can not leave, said Sergei Lavrov.

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Moscow warned Ankara about the “inevitable consequences” for the attack su-24

“Now the government has a Commission, it considers the entire complex of these relations, the Minister said. – Of course, we don’t want to artificially create problems for Turkish producers and exporters, which, of course, bear no responsibility for what happened. Don’t want to create unnecessary problems for our citizens, for our companies, which cooperate with the Turkish side”.

“But we can’t all leave the incident without response. Not because we have something to answer, no. Just actually on Turkish territory has too many phenomena which represent a direct terrorist threat to our citizens, and not only to our citizens. It’s kind of a bridgehead, which, can be, and is rarely controlled. Although there is information saying that these processes are somehow by intelligence services still accompanied,” – said Lavrov.

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Russian-Turkish economic relations. Dossier

“Multifunctional, multi-component situation, it requires the interagency analysis. It will be promptly carried out. Will prepare proposals to report to the President, assured the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. – I hope that it will all happen quickly, and we certainly won’t make any suggestions that will artificially create a rift between the peoples of our countries”.

Concerning recommendation to Russian citizens not to visit Turkey, Lavrov stressed that “this is not some kind of revenge, it is not made in hot pursuit, with hot head.” “We evaluated the presence of terrorist threats in Turkey very objectively. This recommendation is made on the basis of situation analysis, objective and comprehensive”, he added.

The crash of a military aircraft at the Turkish-Syrian border. Chronicle of events

The attack on su-24M

November 24 Russian bomber su-24M was shot down by a missile “air-air”, released fighter F-16 from the Turkish air force. One of the pilots was killed, another was rescued and taken to a Russian base. During the operation for the evacuation of the crew was also destroyed Russian helicopter Mi-8, resulted in the death of a marine-a soldier.

In Turkey claim that the downed plane had violated the country’s airspace. The Russian defense Ministry claims that the su-24M remained in the sky over Syria, and violated the border attacked a Turkish fighter.

The Russian General staff warned that Russia will destroy all potentially dangerous targets over Syria, and announced the deployment to the Syrian coast missile cruiser “Moskva” with the air defense system “Fort” (similar to s-300).