Media: Russia Thursday may impose restrictions on Turkish imports

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. Russia on Thursday formally announce the introduction of restrictions on Turkish imports, embargo until speech does not go, writes the newspaper “Kommersant” citing a source in one of the ministries and two sources working with suppliers from Turkey.

On Tuesday in Syria was wrecked Russian bomber su-24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that the plane was shot down by a rocket type “air-air” with a Turkish F-16s over Syrian territory and fell in Syria four kilometers from the border with Turkey. The Russian President called it a “stab in the back” by the accomplices of terrorists. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia may suspend an important joint projects with Turkey.

“Russia will soon restrict import of products from Turkey on this today can be announced officially… the Embargo, as in the case of the EU, USA, Australia, Norway and Canada, will not be introduced, at least in the short term”, — reports the edition.

A government official told the publication that we are working out mechanisms that may be restricted from import. According to the head of the importing company of the Turkish food, for these purposes can be used and restrictions from the respective regulators — the Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor.

In Rosselkhoznadzor reported to the edition that is not planning to strengthen the control of Turkish products. The Ministry of agriculture of Russia the newspaper said that analyzing the situation with food supplies from Turkey. The Federal customs service declined to comment on the situation. In the apparatus in charge of agriculture Vice-Minister Arkady Dvorkovich also declined to comment, the newspaper said.

“But notice to the TCF that Russian customs offices introduced the “risk on Turkey”, Russian importers began to receive yesterday. This means that the customs service will refuse clearance of the declarations on products, country of origin and the country of origin is Turkey,” — said the source publication.

As explained by the interlocutor of the newspaper, if the inspector decides to issue the Declaration for such products, he will need to coordinate with all functional departments, to carry out 100% inspection and to take samples to verify compliance with the parameters of safety and quality.

“The goods coming from Turkey, from today, just got up on the checkpoints”, — quotes the edition the importer of the fish. As told the newspaper one of the largest importers of fish, some of the cars at the customs already turned around, realizing that Turkish products will be detained indefinitely or destroyed.

In addition, the newspaper’s sources in the market assert that the problem of delay components at customs can affect almost all market participants. The sources on the market believe that due to the long delays in deliveries “some plants can stand”.