Medvedev has promised to freeze investment projects with Turkey

Moscow. On 26 November. Russia in connection with the attack on the su-24 is going to freeze the investment projects that were signed with Turkish companies, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“These treaties, these investment projects may be frozen or shut down … Also suggest to collapse the negotiations on preparation of the agreement on preferential treatment for investment with Turkey,” – Medvedev said at a government meeting on Thursday.

According to him, it is about freezing a number of investment projects, “the cooperation with Turkey was determined with a high level of confidence in the government”.

Medvedev said that the government was instructed by the head of state about the adoption of economic measures against Turkey. According to him, “decisions will be made on the basis of the law on special economic measures dated 30 December 2006”. This law, he said, “in fact, for such situations and is designed and relates to guarantee our security”.

“There is such a set of measures: the suspension of the implementation of economic cooperation programmes, and restrictions on financial transactions, foreign trade transactions, and change of duties of import and export, measures the impact on the tourism sector, in transportation, including the movement of air and water vessels, and to the humanitarian contacts,” Medvedev said.

On 24 November over the territory of Syria Turkish military aircraft was shot down by Russian su-24 that participated in operation against banned in the Russian Federation “Islamic state”. According to Moscow, the plane was at a distance of one kilometer from the border with Turkey and fell in four kilometers from her.

Catapult the pilot was shot by terrorists from the earth, and the Navigator was able to save and to deliver to the Russian base. There he stated that his plane did not violate the airspace of Turkey and the Turkish military were not even in touch with the crew, immediately opening fire and leaving the plane the opportunity to change course.

Vladimir Putin called the attack a stab in the back from supporters of terrorism and promised that the incident will lead to serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.