Medvedev: Russia will impose economic restrictions against Turkey due to an “act of aggression”

Medvedev: Russia will impose economic restrictions against Turkey due to an “act of aggression”

MOSCOW, November 26. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the attack of the Turkish air force Russian su-24 aircraft as an act of aggression against Russia, in response to which action will be taken of military, diplomatic and economic nature.

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Putin: Turkey is deliberately drives relations with Russia into a deadlock

“This is clearly an act of aggression against our country by Turkey, our neighbour and also a member of the Alliance”, – said the head of the government of the Russian Federation, opening the Cabinet meeting.

“Military and diplomatic response to this crime have already been and still will be,” Medvedev said, adding that there will be more economic measures.

The Prime Minister gave two days to prepare proposals on restrictive measures against Turkey and said that these measures will not be limited by any term.

“Offer to do all this in a two-day period in order to switch to the corresponding procedures”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

Medvedev proposed to collapse the negotiations on a preferential regime with Turkey.

The attack on the Russian su-24M

A fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 on Tuesday shot down a Russian su-24 bomber. Moscow claims that the Russian plane was over Syrian territory, there participating in the operation against ISIS. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation “violation of air space of Turkey.” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the bomber su-24 will have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the extraordinary meeting of the NATO Council convened at the initiative of Turkey, has called for calm and de-escalate in contacts between Moscow and Ankara.