MIC: high-precision surgical system will appear in Russia in 2017

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. Surgical system “Navigator”, which will allow physicians the ability to accurately navigate the anatomy of the human body during complex operations, developed in Russia and can be put into production in 2017, the press service of “United instrument manufacturing Corporation” (OPK, is rostec).

“We create a surgical navigation station that is much cheaper than foreign analogues, has a completely transparent and adequate pricing system, and on qualitative characteristics does not concede production foreign manufacturers. Development will fully satisfy the need for such systems in the Russian market and lower costs for their purchase and service”, — said the head of development and production of medical equipment, MIC, Alexander Kulish, whose words the press service.

Station “Navigator” allows to conduct operations in two modes: an electromagnet in which the position of surgical tools are tracked using electromagnetic fields, and optical, when control is performed directly in visual contact.

Also in the station achieved one of the most sought after in the preoperative planning function of building generic 3D models of the operated area. This became available thanks to the possibility to load data in the station computer and magnetic resonance tomography, radiography and ultrasound.

“The navigation system can be used in such complex operations as biopsy and resection of space-occupying lesions of the brain, spine surgery, knee and hip joints and other interventions requiring high accuracy,” explained Kulish.

The start of serial production stations “Navigator” is scheduled for 2017.