Negative capital Notes of the Bank amounted to 26 billion rubles

Moscow. November 25. Devoid of negative equity this week license Nota-Bank (MOEX: NOTA) amounted to 26 billion rubles, said the Deputy Chairman of the CBR Mikhail Sukhov on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Statements of the Bank have been falsified, negative equity is 26 billion rubles, another 8 billion roubles of guarantees that could “shoot” at any time – all this gave us the possibility to offer creditors something fundamentally different from liquidation, even in the scheme of financial rehabilitation”, – he said. The interim administration also sees the deal at 5 billion rubles, which can be challenged.

The mechanism of transfer of part of assets and liabilities, which will be used in respect of Nota-Bank, will bring certain benefits to legal entities – creditors of the Bank, said Sukhov. “Now the scoring is difficult to assess, but I think a billion or two billion, depending on the structure of assets they indirectly receive. Direct speed benefit received by large depositors will receive their money immediately (after the transfer of assets and liabilities)”, – he said.

In the first three quarters of 2015, the Bank occupied the 78th place in terms of assets in ranking “Interfax-100” prepared “Interfax-CEA”.

Sukhov also invited citizens to navigate including the level of interest rates on deposits in banks in assessing their sustainability. “Indicative anxiety level is approximately 13.8%. Anything above that is probably a few more banks is risky,” he said.

According to him, in the third quarter of 2015 “at risk” was 61 Bank, seven of them by the Central Bank within less than two months revoked license. While the regulator their measures, have limited interest rates on deposits at six banks.

Now the Central Bank is watching the attempts of banks to attract customers with gifts, payment of money on account in advance, etc., said Sukhov.

He also reminded that since the beginning of the year, the Bank of Russia withdrew licenses for 87.