Putin and Hollande will discuss in Moscow cooperation in fighting the terrorists of ISIS

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will meet with French President Francois Hollande, who will arrive in Moscow on a working visit.

“During the talks, the two leaders will discuss questions of counteraction to the terrorist threat, including coordination in the fight against grouping “Islamic state” and other important issues of the international agenda. It is expected to exchange views on the entire range of bilateral relations”, — informs the press-service of the Kremlin.

Putin and Hollande agreed to meet on 17 November, immediately after the terrorist attacks in Paris. During the telephone conversation they also discussed cooperation in counter-terrorism and have agreed to ensure closer liaison and coordination between military and intelligence agencies in the operation against terrorists in Syria.


After a telephone conversation with Hollande, Putin gave the cruiser “Moskva” in Syria, the order “get in touch” with the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” and to work with the French military “allies”.

A number of experts considered it a “breakthrough” and “a step toward creating anti-terrorist coalition”.

Step to join forces with French journalists and political analysts have called a “diplomatic marathon” Hollande, who this week visited a number of States. He has already met with leaders of Britain, Germany and the United States, on Thursday will hold talks with Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi, and in the afternoon, Hollande will travel to Moscow for talks with the Russian President.

The visit of the French President in Washington on the eve of his visit to Russia Moscow regards as efforts to establish anti-terrorist coalition, told reporters in charge of foreign policy aide to Russian President Yuri Ushakov. “We regard this as a continuation of the effort, announced the formation of the broad anti-terrorist coalition, we are actively supporting. And, in fact, this is the essence of our initiatives that we put forward during the visit of the President of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly”, — he said.

According to him, Russia also welcomes the French President’s statement about the intention to create a broad anti-terrorist coalition. “French anti-terrorism resonate with the priorities put forward by our President at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly initiative on the harmonization of resolutions of the UN security Council for the coordination of all forces that oppose the “Islamic state” and other terrorist structures,” said the aide to the Russian President.

Ushakov said that the visit of Hollande in Washington “highlights once again the need to unite all efforts, and the efforts of the real”. “It will be interesting to meet with Hollande after he his ideas will “upgrade” among American colleagues at the meeting with Obama on 24 July,” — said the assistant of the President of Russia.

France is a coalition of 65 countries that participate in the operation against the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, and in Syria, the coalition operates without the permission of the local authorities. After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France began a more intensive bombing in Syria against ISIS and sent to the region of the carrier. Britain, having declared that will support France, sent a destroyer Defender, which will accompany the French carrier.


During a joint press conference with his U.S. counterpart Hollande announced the possibility of cooperation between France and Russia in fighting terrorism, what he intends to tell Putin.

“France will work with Russia, if she (Russia) will assume obligations to combat “Islamic state” and for a political solution (Syrian crisis),” said Hollande.

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Paris confirmed that the main purpose of the visit of Hollande to Moscow will be the discussion of creating a joint international coalition to combat the so-called “Islamic state”.

In addition, the leaders may discuss the situation on the Syrian-Turkish border on the background of the situation with the Turks shot down Russian military aircraft su-24.

Earlier, Hollande made a proposal to close that border. Moscow supports the idea, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. According to him, this can significantly undermine the terrorists.

“I think this is the right proposal. I think that tomorrow President Hollande in detail we will tell about it. We would be willing to seriously consider the necessary measures… Many say, cutting off that line, we, in fact, stop, shut off the terrorist threat in Syria,” said Lavrov in an interview to Russian and foreign media.

The French President said at a meeting with Putin intends to reiterate the need to strike only on the so-called “Islamic state”. “I say to President Putin that has several times said to the Russians: to strike need on ISIS, fight against terrorism,” said Hollande in Washington after meeting with U.S. President.

He noted that it is necessary to build cooperation on that basis. The French President once again drew attention to the need for a political process in Syria, the aim of which is the departure from power of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the shortest possible time.


It is possible that the presidents of France and Russia in Moscow will affect the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

The talks between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France took place in Paris on 2 October. The leaders discussed, in particular, the holding of local elections in the Donbass and the constitutional reform in Ukraine.

Soon the self-proclaimed authorities of the Luhansk and Donetsk national republics announced the postponement of local elections from November 1 and October 18, 2016. The meeting also agreed on the withdrawal of light weapons in the Donbass. Later Poroshenko said that introduced on 29 August, the ceasefire regime has been established due to the meeting in Paris.

Following the meeting, Hollande said that taking into account the time necessary for the organization of local elections, the timing of implementation of the Minsk agreements will be released for the previously agreed framework — December 31, 2015. He noted that the restoration of Ukraine’s full control over the border will take more time than previously expected.