Rosaviatsia: Kiev to ban the transit can mean no guarantee of safety

Rosaviatsia: Kiev to ban the transit can mean no guarantee of safety

MOSCOW, November 25. The last action of Kiev, probably, indicate that the Ukrainian side does not guarantee safety, stated in the press service of the Federal air transport Agency.

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Kiev has completely closed the air space for transit of the Russian aircrafts

On Wednesday, the state aviation service of Ukraine, referring to the decision of the Ukrainian government, notified the Federal air transport Agency on the introduction from 00.00 hours 26.11.2015 year ban on the use of transit its airspace to all Russian airlines. A letter was received the evening of November 25 in Federal Agency of air transport.

“Recent actions of the Kiev authorities, probably, indicate that the safety of the Ukrainian party once again not guaranteed. The Federal air transport Agency expects that all safety issues airspace use will be resolved soon”, – noted in a press-service of Rosaviatsiya.

Transit issues have long lost relevance

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Rosaviatsia: the ban imposed by Ukraine for the transit of Russian aircraft, maloakteven

As noted in the press service, transit flights via the territory of neighboring States airlines of Russia and foreign countries EN masse has ceased to perform after the Ukrainian government made the disaster Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass, failing to provide the proper level of security of its airspace. Later Ukrainian aviation authorities banned flights over the Donbass. Ukraine has offered the Russian carriers continue an aircraft transit through its territory and to operate flights on other routes whose safety was guaranteed. Necessary for Russian airlines to use this option, the transit long lost its relevance, said the press service.

According to Rosaviation, the potential of forbidden measures were exhausted and proved ineffective, and cooperation in the field of air communication between two countries should be fully restored.