Russia will not fight with Turkey, but will review bilateral relations

Russia will not fight with Turkey, but will review bilateral relations

MOSCOW, November 25. Russia is not going to fight with Turkey, but bilateral relations will be seriously revised – this is the General meaning of statements made at a briefing by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

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Such harsh words came after, as before, the fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 was shot down was over Syrian territory of the Russian bomber su-24, which, in the opinion of the Turkish side violated the airspace of Turkey. The Russian side claims that violations of the airspace of Turkey was not.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the aircraft that participated in operations against illicit in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state” will have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations.

In fact, no warning was not. Either by radio or visually. No contact. So we went to target in normal mode

The Navigator of a downed su-24M

Relationships come to naught

Moscow will be subjected to a thorough analysis of the Russian-Turkish projects, including the construction on the territory of Turkey, Akkuyu NPP, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. According to him, now in question is the cooperation with Turkey in combating terrorism. This, however, Peskov noted, “does not apply to other members of the coalition”.

To the question, how looks now the dialogue with Turkey, the representative of the Kremlin has underlined that “now it is not looks, its not available now.”

“I can only say that while contacts at the highest level,” he said, answering the question associated whether the Turkish side with the Kremlin.

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Political divisions of the Russian Federation and Turkey. Dossier

The Russian head of state Vladimir Putin noted that in Turkey citizens of the Russian Federation may be subject to considerable risk. “After what happened yesterday, we can’t rule out any other incidents and if they happen, we will have to respond. Our citizens in Turkey, of course, can be at significant risk, and the foreign Ministry is obliged to say,” said he. The President supported the recommendation of the foreign Ministry to Russians to refrain from trips to Turkey.

Do not intend to pay visits to Turkey and to receive the representatives of that country in Moscow at the official level. According to the head of the foreign Ministry, he was about to fly to Turkey to take part in session Russian-Turkish Council for strategic planning, which is the coordinating structure of the international dialogue. “Of course, after the attack on our plane we this session was canceled,” – said the Minister.

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He also noted that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu “expressed the hope that we are somewhere on the sidelines of international events will be able to sit down and calmly discuss, mention, in particular, of the OSCE Ministerial Council, which will be held in Belgrade on 3-4 December”.

“I didn’t angazhirovana, it is necessary, first of all, not “easy to talk” and to understand all aspects and implications of the incident,” – said Lavrov.

It is not clear what steps will be taken by the Russian side against Turkey. As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, “the Russian Ambassador from Ankara not yet seen.”

The Turks insist

Turkey does not seek an escalation of the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He continued to insist that Turkey is “simply provided its own security and protect the rights of our brothers (Turkmens Syrian – ed.)”. The Turkish approval of the President of the Russian affiliation of the downed plane Turkey has already learned after the incident.

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Erdogan has described Russia as a “neighbor, friend and very important partner for Turkey.”

“We have no intentions in relation to this incident to sever ties and to fuel tension with Russia. But we have and will use the right to protect our borders. This aircraft was perceived as a threat, and have been applied rules of response”, he said. The Turkish head of state believes that countering Russian aircraft “was implemented in the framework of the international rules of response”.

Will suffer if the business

This question is really interesting and important. and, judging by the reaction of experts and representatives of individual industries, simple answer no.

So, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin does not believe current tensions with reason to expect a serious loss, however, does not exclude complications in the gas industry. “I would not now to escalate the situation, it is also wrong. There is a relationship of trade-economic, we have always advocated that to separate these things to a certain extent, he said. – However, gas relations the situation may be affected, because this is quite serious, political thing.”

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Rosturizm recommends tour operators and travel agents to suspend the sale of tours to Turkey

Representatives of the tourism industry: in the summer of 2016, the Russians will prefer to stay at home or in Bulgaria

With him hardly accept the representatives of the Russian tourism industry. Losses from the suspension of sales of tours to Turkey, and it has already started, can exceed the damage from the “closure” of Egypt, if the situation is not resolved in the coming months, stated in the message of Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR). Here reminded that tour operators have estimated losses from the suspension of the implementation of tours to Egypt 1.7 billion rubles.

Meanwhile, after warning the Russian foreign Ministry on the terrorist threat a number of tour operators, including Tez Tour, “Biblio Globus”, “Natalie tours”, “Pegas Touristik”, announced the suspension of sales of tours.

According to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, after the terrorist attack in Egypt and the incident with su-24 the pace of global economic growth could slow to 2.9% in 2016 compared with the current forecast by the IMF at 3.1%. This can occur as a result of falling consumer activity and declining revenues from tourism, he said.

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Russian business in Turkey. Dossier

“All this tension, of course, affects the dynamics of economic growth. Our task is to minimize the consequences,” he said. The Minister emphasized that the forecast growth of the Russian economy does not change. According to the baseline forecast in 2016, the Russian economy will grow by 0.7%.

In turn, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin expressed the view that in case of introduction against Turkey food embargo can win Russian farmers. “Some business sectors, such as tourism, under a strong blow. And if there is adopted a measure to impose a food embargo, our farmers, on the contrary, the payout will get, they have long been asking for deeper and longer kontrsanktsii save that they managed to occupy all the niches,” said Shokhin.

He added that any tension is not in the interests of business. According to head RSPP, “it would be better to prevail the wisdom of the leaders and the NATO, and the Turkish and Russian”.

The world is concerned

In the world seriously concerned about the worsening of Russian-Turkish relations. However, not all unequivocally speak out about the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber.

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Grushko: NATO fears the consequences if the incident with su-24 is resolved

So, Germany has urged Russia and Turkey to avoid any escalation of tensions. As stated by the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert, it is imperative to establish direct contact between Russia and Turkey about the situation after was shot down by a Russian plane.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looked wider. According to her, the shelling of Turkey Russian aircraft has exacerbated the situation in Syria. “I had a conversation with the Turkish Prime Minister and urged him to make every effort to defuse the situation,” she said. However, the Chancellor noted that “every country has the right to defend its territory”.

That the priority now is to reduce tensions in relations between Moscow and Ankara, said a spokesman for the U.S. Department of defense Peter cook. However, he also pointed out that “Turkey has the right to defend its airspace”. Very much in tune with the opinion of the NATO leadership.

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The incident with su-24: the reaction of Russian politicians

In the same vein, there were representatives from the UK.

But the foreign Minister of Greece Nikos Kotzias said that the actions of Ankara against Russia unfriendly. “In Athens in solidarity with the President of the Russian Federation of actions of Ankara as unfriendly in relation to Russia and inconsistent with the purposes antiepilepsy coalition,” he said, adding that Turkey regularly for many years, violates Greek airspace.

Different point of view was expressed by representatives of other States. Thus, according to the Cypriot authorities, the incident with su-24 in Syria undermines efforts to combat terrorism. Concerns about this were expressed in the statement of the MFA of Kazakhstan.

During a telephone conversation foreign Ministers of Russia and Iran, the Iranian foreign Ministry announced full support for Russia’s efforts to combat terrorism in the region and steps to establish an inter-Syrian political dialogue. The parties confirmed their intention to continue to coordinate efforts to resolve regional conflicts, especially the Syrian crisis, said the Russian foreign Ministry.