The owner of the group PEAK has invested $10 million in startup Hyperloop

Moscow. On 26 November. Businessman Sergey Gordeev, the group PEAK co-owner and oil company Ruspetro, has invested in a startup that implements the project “hyperpoetry”.

“Hyperpathia” (Hyperloop) is a project to create high-speed transportation of passengers and cargo through the pipeline. The idea of “vacuum trains” a speed about 1000 km/h as a cheap, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional SCM has nominated the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, its implementation in parallel are now several teams.

“It’s a startup that arose just this year, they raised the first round of funding. This is the idea of Elon musk, some of the best his staff decided to head it and make it a reality,” said Gordeyev in interview “Russia 24”. According to him, the volume of investment in the first investment round of $30 million, of which about $10 million invested by the Russian businessman.

Gordeev has not led the name of the company in which he invested. It could be, for example, about Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or about Hyperloop Technologies in both startups took part the employees of SpaceX Mask.