The Russian government has approved a freeze of property tax for Russian Railways

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. The Russian government has approved additional support to RZD in the form of maintaining the property tax on rail infrastructure, said Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

“The government also discussed and additional measures of support of Russian Railways, including the possibility of preserving the existing size of the property tax that will balance the financial plan. And these decisions were made,” said Sokolov journalists.

The government of the Russian Federation at session on Thursday has considered the financial plan and the investment program of Russian Railways by 2016.

The law contains norm about cancellation of tax benefits for infrastructure property, was signed in 2012 and established minimum tax rates in respect of Railways for General use, main pipelines, power transmission lines, and constructions that are integral technological part of these objects. It is about the gradual increase of the tax.

So, in 2015, the rate of property tax on rail infrastructure amounted to 1%, in 2016 it would increase to 1.3 percent.