Zakharov Sergey Lavrov did not give consent to a meeting with the foreign Minister of Turkey

MOSCOW, November 25. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has not agreed to the proposal of the head of the Turkish foreign Ministry about the meeting. This was confirmed by the official representative of the Russian dipvedomstva Maria Zakharova.

“Drew attention not by Reuters, in which, with reference to the representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry said allegedly reached agreement to hold a meeting of foreign Ministers in the coming days, she said. Such statements of the Turkish foreign Ministry once again point to the lack of basic concepts about ethics and respect, and are exemplary from the point of view of the veracity of everything we hear from Ankara”.

“In a telephone conversation with Sergey Lavrov with foreign Minister of Turkey, the Russian Minister to one of the many suggestions about the meeting refused, – said Zakharov. – Just during the interview with Russian and foreign media literally Lavrov said that did not angazhirovana for a meeting with the foreign Minister of Turkey during the upcoming OSCE Ministerial meeting”.

“A big request to the Turkish representatives to cut the thread is not relevant to the truth of the information, – the diplomat added. – You’ve done enough for these days”.