Zyuganov opposes the rupture of diplomatic relations with Turkey

Zyuganov opposes the rupture of diplomatic relations with Turkey

Does not make sense to sever diplomatic relations in the conditions when negotiations can give a good result, said the leader of the Communist party.

MOSCOW, 25 Nov. The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov believes that Russia should not break off diplomatic relations with Turkey after it was shot down Russian su-24 aircraft in Syria.

On Tuesday the Russian su-24 aircraft crashed in Syria. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin reported that he was hit by a rocket type “air-air” with a Turkish F-16 aircraft and fell to the Syrian territory four kilometers from the border with Turkey. The President called the crash of the su-24 shot in the back, which was caused to Russia were accomplices of terrorists.

A number of parliamentarians then voted for the suspension of diplomatic relations between Russia and Turkey.

“I don’t see any reason to break off diplomatic relations in conditions when such negotiations may give a good result,” — said Zyuganov journalists.

According to him, suggestions of a number of Communists to break diplomatic relations with Turkey have been their private opinion and not the viewpoint of the whole party.


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