Aksyonov: Crimea boilers will be equipped with diesel generators

SIMFEROPOL, 27 Nov. Boilers of the Crimea will be equipped with diesel generators, to cooling to be able to give heat in houses of the Crimea, said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

Last Friday, in the Kherson region have been undermined by power transmission towers supplying electricity to the Crimea. Now the supply of electricity to the Peninsula from Ukraine completely stopped. In Crimea introduced a state of emergency, schedules of emergency outages. Since November 22, in home of Crimeans was stopped the supply of heat to save power after a power failure of the Peninsula. The country remains warm weather, but next week is expected cold snap.

“Boiler — an application filed for the supply of diesel generator sets on all boilers. 800 boiler in the Crimea should be provided with sources for electricity production”, — said Aksenov in the air of the Crimean TV channel “First Crimean”.

According to him, the priority now is to ensure 100% of electricity to heat and water, and then school, so as not to interrupt the educational process and after — houses.

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