The Federal Agency for fishery: the fishing industry of Russia will be able to replace Turkish imports

MOSCOW, Nov 27. The Russian fishing industry will be able to fill volumes of supplies Turkish companies, if need be, said the Federal Agency for fishery.

In response to the downed Russian bomber su-24, the Russian government is preparing a series of economic restrictions against Turkey.

“The Russian fishing industry, despite the difficulties, able, from the point of view of the overall balance to replace the shortfall in the volume of imports, including supply from Turkey”, — have informed in a press-service of Federal Agency for fishery.

“Of course, in recent years, largely due to the commercial policy of commercial enterprises, sea bass and Dorado are present in many shops and restaurants, but our fishermen extracted water bioresources — and it’s dozens of different kinds — not only not worse, but even better and tastier,” said the Agency.

They added that “furthermore, the government strategy for fisheries development assumes the development of aquaculture, and this year private fish-breeding enterprises began to receive their first Federal grant investment objectives, many investors are showing interest in cultivation of fish”.

The Agency noted that “after introduced in last year of countermeasures against countries that supported sanctions against Russia, we saw a steady increase in catches, including those aquatic species, the import of which declined”.

According to the press service, even amid rising dollar and stable exports, the share of Russian fish market increased — now it is about 65% compared to 50% a year earlier.

“Overall, we believe that it is necessary to popularize Russian fish, because the same walleye that we catch in large volumes, is one of the most useful products. Together with fishermen we launched the promotion programme “Russian fish”, we plan to actively develop next year,” added the Federal Agency for fishery.