The foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria will discuss all aspects of starting a political process in Syria

The foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria will discuss all aspects of starting a political process in Syria

MOSCOW, November 27. The joint fight against terrorism and the launching of a political process in Syria will discuss Holy Friday in Moscow the foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria – Sergey Lavrov and Walid Muallem. Moallem is in Moscow from November 25, he has already met with the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

The Ministerial talks, promised on Smolensk square will be “a detailed and very detailed”. In focus – the subject of establishing a political process. “The current situation requires that external forces had worked together to create favourable conditions for inter-Syrian dialogue and was accompanied by a political process, without trying to impose ready-made solutions”, – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

On 20 October in the Russian capital was visited by the President of SAR Bashar al-Assad, before he Muallem visited Moscow on June 29. It was then that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in fact, first proposed the initiative of creating a broad antiterrorist front.

Turkey, taking aim at Russian SU-24, and probably beat on the prospects for the future coalition. The whole agenda of today’s talks in Moscow, probably, will be filled with the theme of what happened on November 24 in the Syrian sky. The destruction bomber affects, in addition to the coalition, the problems of formation of the list of opposition and terrorist organizations.

What offended Erdogan

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“It seems that the Turkish government deliberately driving the Russian-Turkish relations are in deadlock, we are sorry about this, – said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of presenting credentials of new ambassadors of foreign States. – What happened in the skies over Syria, contrary to common sense and international law: the plane was shot down over Syrian territory”.

Can long to guess what inspired the top military leadership to take this provocative step: unrealized ambitions of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the role of a regional leader or a personal insult to Russia and Syria. Of course, not without its hurt economic interests. According to Sergei Lavrov, in a new light appears, the situation with illegal trade of oil from occupied Syrian territories. “The incident happened after on these trucks and overall on these oil fields were applied targeted and very effective our air strikes,” he brought the chain of events the Minister.

In the same vein, spoke and Walid Muallem. “The Turkish leadership was offended that the Russian space forces destroyed what financed terrorist groups, as well as Erdogan was angry that the Syrian army has successfully promoted in some regions of Syria, especially in the Northern province of Hama”.

The calculation of the weakening of the Russian operations, as the emotional reaction of Moscow was not justified. Russia as a responsible country of the world community, standing at the origins of the modern system of international relations, in the hysteria of falling did not. To answer meanness to meanness below believes their responses will be weighted and carefully considered.

“To be at war with Turkey we are not going. The attitude to the Turkish people have not changed”, – stressed Lavrov.

At the same time the Russian Minister, in fact, explained to the Turkish proposal for the establishment of a buffer zone. “I asked (in a telephone conversation with the foreign Minister of Turkey), does that Turkey’s attention to this area, including ongoing proposals to create a buffer zone in the area, desire to preserve this infrastructure and to prevent its destruction. This question also received a response,” he said.

In Vienna only lists

Footage “dances” of militants at the body of Russian pilot confirm the urgent need to harmonize the list of terrorist organizations. Killers, no matter how “moderate” they are not called, remain killers: no dialogue with them is possible, only neutralization.

“Until there is a unified list of terrorist organizations, which would not extend the ceasefire until a single list of opposition delegations, to continue the Vienna process is very difficult,” – said the head of Russian diplomacy. Then added more categorical: without build lists “further continuation of meetings in this format it is doubtful, at least, no impact that we’re not waiting”.

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For launching the political process, the parties to the Vienna consultations on 14 November adopted a statement which calls for the Syrian government and the opposition to hold the consultation until January 1, 2016. Walid Muallem, answering the question about the timing of such negotiations, decided to keep the intrigue: “I’m meeting with Sergey Lavrov. Then it will be clear to all. I would like to answer your question after this meeting”.

In Russian depodesta slightly lifted the veil of secrecy, noting that al-Muallem “intends to discuss and consult, what steps might be useful in terms of building confidence between official Damascus and the opposition politicians to support further promotion of inter-Syrian dialogue”.

The Syrians themselves

As expected, negotiations in Vienna on his own was transferred to Ankara: say, a consensus on the participation of Assad in future presidential elections. Such Lavrov’s interpretation rigidly stopped.

“Any agreements that President Bashar Assad will not participate in a particular stage of the policy process have been achieved. Indeed, some countries, including our Turkish colleagues, promoted such ideas, but they did not receive consensus support, so to say that someone has to agree not to participate, is absolutely incorrect, he said. All agreed, recorded on paper and any interpretation and interpretation is not subject”.

According to the Vienna statement, preparation of the presidential elections should take 18 months: in particular, after the ceasefire for six months, you need to create inclusive and non-confessional system of government and drafting a new Constitution.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the question of the participation of Assad in the political process to solve for Syrians.

Bilateral issues

In light of recent events, the priority is the safety of those in Syria are Russians. “Special attention will be paid to the security of Russian citizens and diplomatic missions, continued to function in Syria”, – informed the Russian foreign Ministry.

Security Muallem had optimistic forecasts: “Thanks to the help of Russia, coordination with the air force ATS we can say that we are already in countdown for the destruction of terrorism in Syria”.

However, Ministers will consider the state and prospects of bilateral relations in various fields, including humanitarian assistance to the affected population. In addition, as reported on Smolensk square, already preparations are being made to return to the previous level of turnover.

It is clear that war is not eternal, and life goes on.