Zakharova: the USA, Lithuania and Canada are going to teach a new batch of Ukrainian cadets

MOSCOW, November 26. The launch on 23 November of a new stage of American training of the Ukrainian military instructors may have a negative impact on the truce in the Donbass. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The diplomat recalled, for the period from April to November, 300 servicemen of the 173rd airborne brigade, the U.S. has trained three battalions of Ukrainian national guard – 780 people. “It is characteristic that the completion of these trainings coincided with the worsening situation on the contact line in the Donbass, which, in all probability, and were sent the newly trained people”, – noted Zakharov.

“Now the Americans along with NATO colleagues – the Lithuanians and Canadians undertake to teach a new batch of Ukrainian cadets. It is evident that such preparation is not pacifist, do not contribute to de-escalate and can have a negative impact on the very fragile truce in the South-East of the country,” the diplomat said.

She emphasized that “the presence of foreign paratroopers on Ukrainian soil represents a flagrant violation of Kiev Minsk package of measures, in particular, was violated paragraph 10”. “It stipulates the withdrawal of all foreign forces, military equipment and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under OSCE supervision. It does not say that the provision applies only to the Eastern regions.

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Kiev authorities undertook a definite obligation which does not contain any reservations and concerns all the territory they control,” said Zakharova.
The other day the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the United States Navy captain Jeff Davis said that the United States has launched the second phase of training of the armed forces of Ukraine, during which it is planned to train and equip six battalions of ground troops, including one battalion of spetsnaz.

Preparation of the Ukrainian military personnel will follow the American program “Fearless the guardian” (“Fearless sentinel”), launched in 2014. At its first stage, the U.S. helped train and equip national guard units within the interior Ministry and will now prepare army battalions.
Working with them will have 300 military trainers from 173rd airborne brigade of the US army based in Vicenza (Italy). As reported by captain Davis, of the five regular battalions will be trained on jaworowski polygon in the Lviv region, and the special forces battalion is in the city of Khmelnitsky.