A source in the government of the Russian Federation: the refusal of Kiev to enable LEP – conscious policies

A source in the government of the Russian Federation: the refusal of Kiev to enable LEP – conscious policies

MOSCOW, November 27. The refusal of Ukraine to include a refurbished power lines for supply of electricity in the Crimea is a conscious policy of this country, said a source in the government of the Russian Federation.

“To shift is not necessary”

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The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation: the hopes for the resumption of electricity supply from Ukraine to Crimea is lost

“One of the four transmission line “Kakhovka – Titanium” (in Ukraine – approx.ed.) completely ready to run, it may provide for the grant of at least 200 megawatts of capacity to the Crimea. But it is a matter of public will, to blame the activists and to translate arrows is not necessary. This situation shows the attitude of the state is well position of the state,” he said.

Earlier, Deputy energy Minister Andrei Cherezov reported that repair work on the transmission line “Kakhovka -Titan” in Ukraine has ended, but the supply of electricity in the Crimea is not restored.

They don’t care what nationality people are suffering Crimean Tatars, Russians or Ukrainians. They need to make a nasty and running away to hide. I think, long they will not have to wait. Sooner or later they will be punished. To this end, we fix everything here

Natalia Poklonskaya

Blackout in Crimea

Electricity supplied to the Crimea from the Kherson region of Ukraine by four transmission lines. However, all four transmission lines were damaged as a result of actions of the Ukrainian radicals, and 22 November 2015, the supply was discontinued.

Upon detonation transmission line investigators of the FSB initiated a criminal case under article about the attack.

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In the Crimea opened a criminal case about the attack against the organizers of energoblok

On Tuesday, crews started to restore only one of the power lines, which also supplied two districts in Kherson region.

Energy replaced the destroyed bearing on the new, raised ground wire and the wires of the three phases. It was planned on November 26 to connect the wires to the garlands insulators and prepare the line to supply voltage, but protesters said again starting to block the object. The line “Kakhovka – Titanium” only feeds the border town of Crimea Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk, but the bulk of the electricity is for the supply of two districts in Kherson region of Ukraine.

Now the power system of the Crimea works in stand-alone mode, to save power on the Peninsula are used blackouts. For the past day, thanks to the output of the repair unit at the Simferopol CHP 50 MW, it increased the limits of power consumption by residents and enterprises of the Crimean Peninsula. The total amount of limits for consumers has reached 400 MW, of which 310 MW in the Republic of Crimea and 90 MW in Sevastopol. Compared with November 24, the power level limits in the power system of the Crimea was increased by 25% – from 300 to 400 MW. Due to the commissioning of the unit at the Simferopol CHP plant was able to supply 22 MW of power to consumers power district of Kerch, had the most problems with power supply. The limits of power consumption have been increased for other energy regions of the Crimea.

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Konstantinov: responsible for energoblok of the Crimea are Ukrainian authorities

As reported previously the Minister of energy Alexander Novak, the first phase of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region in the Crimea will be introduced until December 20 this year.

An energy bridge to Crimea built under the Federal program of development of Crimea until 2020.

The project, which involves the laying of underwater cable across the Kerch Strait with a flow of about 850 MW, is being implemented to ensure the independence of energy supply in the Crimean Federal district on supplies from Ukraine.