“Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North” is included in the registered as a foreign agent

MOSCOW, November 27. The Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on Friday has included interregional public organization “Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North” (CA SIM) in the register of non-profit organizations (NPOs) that performs the functions of a foreign agent. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of justice.

“The fact of compliance of the organization to non-profit organizations performing functions of a foreign agent that was installed during the Main Directorate of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation in Moscow planned documentary check “, – stated in the message.

Earlier in the registry of NCOs included 104 organizations.

CA SIM was established as a primary and basic component of the second phase of the canadian-Russian project on institutional building of indigenous peoples of the North of Russia, led by the aboriginal organizations of Canada and the Russian Federation. In Soviet times all training the small-numbered peoples of the North was practically confined to the issuance of intellectuals (teachers, doctors, writers). After the collapse of the Soviet Union ten Northern kolkhozes and sovkhozes specialized in reindeer breeding, fur-bearing and marine fisheries, suddenly turned into a scattered farming unprofitable without the state order and, consequently, without government assistance. All these factors have been the harbinger of development of new conception of the canadian-Russian project under the motto “Strengthening the Foundation”. Were created the preconditions for the practical training of specialists from among the aborigines in the area of economic development, the preservation and development of traditional industries. Since 2001 CAS SIM has embarked on training programmes and internships.