Internet sales in the U.S. jumped by 22% on thanksgiving Day

Moscow. November 27. Internet sales in the USA increased significantly during thanksgiving, but this caused issues – I will not refuse do consumers from visiting physical stores in black Friday, reports Bloomberg.

To 17:00 in new York, November 26 (the hour of the night in Moscow November 27), Americans spent online to $1.1 billion, according to data from Adobe Systems Inc. During the day, in General, the company expects growth of 22% compared to thanksgiving in 2014 to $1.7 billion.

High demand toys, especially those associated with the subject of “Star wars”.

In total, the shopping is a long weekend this week will do to 135.8 million Americans, predicts the national retail Federation (National Retail Federation, NRF) of the United States. NRF expects growth in the number of visitors in traditional stores 1.6%, but experts fear that this assessment may not be justified.

The situation for ordinary retailers and worsen the adverse weather forecasts in several regions of the United States.

Sales in black Friday, immediately following thanksgiving (in the USA the fourth Thursday of November) is likely to increase by 2.4%. The word “black” refers to the financial performance of trading companies earlier just this day went from “red” – losing zone. Officially this day (November 27) is in USA working, but many Americans take a extra day off and spend three days in search of gifts for Christmas and the New year.

The significance of black Friday and following weekend for retailers is declining every year, but according to NRF, this period continue to account for 10-15% of total sales for the holiday season.

Complements the Monday after thanksgiving “cyber Monday” – this term appeared in the U.S. in 2005 to designate the first Monday after thanksgiving, which this year falls on 30 November. Studies show a significant increase of sales in this day in 70-80% online retailers: after a weekend of “real shopping”, consumers go in Monday to work and continue to shop, but now online. According to the estimates of respondents BDO, consumer spending on the Internet on this day will grow by 2.9% compared with last year.

According to estimates of the consulting company CMO, the greatest demand from consumers, like all recent years, will be to use electronics. Second place will wear.