“Krymenergo” has denied the information of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea on the launch of the energy bridge

“Krymenergo” has denied the information of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea on the launch of the energy bridge

SIMFEROPOL, November 27. Company “Krymenergo” has denied the information of the first Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Michael Sheremet on the partial launch of the energy bridge from the Krasnodar region.

The voltage on the Kerch filed due to the commissioning of the second turbine CHP in Simferopol, reported the press service of the company.

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Sheremet himself refuted his words about the beginning of electricity supply from the Kuban, stating that “while we’re wishful thinking”.

“22 megawatts filed Crimean CHP, which has launched the second unit. So while we are wishful thinking. However, work (power bridge construction – approx.) are now at the final stage. Soon we will have a meeting already at the beginning of electricity supply from the Kuban. All work is carried out in a brutal schedule, around the clock,” he said at a meeting of the interdepartmental Commission on control over public safety.

The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation also issued a denial of the launch of the energy bridge. “This information is untrue”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister said that the first 22 megawatts of electricity was made at night in the Crimea on the energy bridge from the Krasnodar region. “Still nobody knows about it. Energy bridge in the Kuban-Kerch already received the first 22 megawatts. Successfully passed the test at night. And the first megawatts come on Kerch. This is our most remote region. It was the most difficult to power”, he said.

“I think that in the near future with the Kerch we will become a little easier. Accordingly, we will only increase the megawatts. Today we are not in isolation, we’ve already got the first megawatts from the mainland”, he added.

An energy bridge to Crimea

As reported earlier, Minister of energy Alexander Novak, the first phase of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region in the Crimea will be introduced until December 20 this year.

The energy bridge is being built under the Federal program of development of Crimea until 2020. The project, which involves the laying of underwater cable across the Kerch Strait with a flow of about 850 MW, is being implemented to ensure the independence of energy supply in the Crimean Federal district on supplies from Ukraine.

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It is expected that by 2016 the energy bridge from Krasnodar Krai will be delivered about 800 MW of electricity per day. These volumes will allow to satisfy the load during winter peak periods, when consumption increases to 1-1,2 thousand MW per day.

The cost of works related to engineering survey, design and construction of electric grid facilities for the Crimea, representing 47.3 billion rubles.

On the night of November 22 as a result of blasting two transmission poles leading from Ukraine to Crimea, the Peninsula was completely de-energized. Now the power system of the Crimea works in stand-alone mode, to save power on the Peninsula are used blackouts. Upon detonation transmission line investigators of the FSB initiated a criminal case under article about the attack.

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