The Kremlin is not responding to Erdogan, because he sees no willingness to apologize for su-24

MOSCOW, November 27. The Kremlin shies away from contacts with the Turkish leadership because of his unwillingness to apologize for su-24. “We see the unwillingness of the Turkish side to go on a rudimentary apology regarding the incident with the aircraft”, – said Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov on the question of why the Russian leadership does not respond to the requests of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Sands: Erdogan tried to call Putin after 7-8 hours after the attack on su-24

The President of Turkey in the last two days had requested a telephone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the foreign Ministry was receiving an official request for a meeting with the Russian leader on November 30 at the UN conference on climate change, also informed the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.

“We know that Erdogan plans to participate in climate conference. I can say that from Erdogan in the past two days was inundated with requests for a phone conversation,” – said Ushakov. “Yesterday it was reported in the Turkish media that erdoğan had asked about the meeting with our President in Paris, about it, as he said (press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation) Dmitry Peskov, was reported to the President,” – said the Russian leader’s aide Yuri Ushakov. According to him, “now received a formal request regarding this conversation”. “A formal request, that is, via Foreign Ministry channels, and this request is also presented to our President”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

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The Turkish President refused to apologize for the fact that the air force had shot down a Russian plane

“That is, Dmitry Sergeyevich (Sands) reported on the publication, which took place in the Turkish media before the official appeal to us, and I am now informed and that was the official address,” he said. Answering the question, what has been the response to these requests from the Kremlin, Ushakov said, “Our response is that on the revolutions of the Turkish side on the occasion of a telephone conversation about a possible meeting in relation to climate summit in Paris reported to the leadership of our country”.

“Two requests,” said Ushakov on the question of how many times the Turkish side has requested a telephone conversation with Putin.

“Russia did not expect attack from Turkey”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday night at a press conference following his talks with French President Francois Hollande, called “nonsense and excuses” statements from the Turkish air force that they could not recognize the Russian su-24. “About our aircraft, which allegedly did not recognize the Turkish air force is excluded, it is impossible. They have markings and they are very visible. This is our aircraft, and not some others,” he said.

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“Vague explanations”: Putin about Turkey’s position on su-24 and illegal oil shipments

The Russian leader has noticed that Russia “in advance in accordance with the agreement with the American side provided information about where you will operate our aircraft, at what levels, in what place and at what time”.

The Russian leader expressed regret that instead of dealing seriously, deeply, to work to prevent this from happening ever again, “we hear such vague explanations and statements that not even apologize for that”. “Well, it’s not our choice, is the choice of the Turkish side”, – concluded the head of state.

Putin stressed that Russia did not expect attacks from Turkey, considering it a friendly state. “We never thought that we can get a bump from that country that we considered an ally,” said the Russian leader. He explained that the Russian aircraft operated vulnerable to attacks from fighters. According to him, “if we came up with the idea that it is possible” that Russia would have long ago deployed in Syria air defense system of type s-400 and have used other means to protect their airplanes.

However, Moscow proceeded from the fact that the Russian aviation works on the heights, “which may not reach the criminal hand of terrorists,” Putin said, Recalling that terrorist groups have no military equipment capable of shooting down planes at the height of 3-4 thousand meters.

Now, continued Putin, after the death of Russian troops, Russia will provide security for its aircraft. “So we launched a modern system With-400, it acts over long distances and is one of the most efficient systems of its kind in the world,” – said the head of state. “But we will not limit ourselves to, – Putin said. – If necessary, we will accompany our aircraft and fighters, by other means, including the means of electronic warfare”.

The Russian President stressed that remedies many aviation and the armed forces now will be to use them.

Russia to hold serious consultations with the United States

According to Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation will hold serious consultations with the US on how information was used, the aircraft HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria.

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Lavrov: the Turkish leadership has crossed a line valid

“We have informed our American partners about how, where, when, and at what echelons will be working with our pilots. The American party, which heads the coalition, which includes Turkey, knew about the place and time of stay of our aircraft and it was there, and in that time we got hit,” said Putin. “The question is – why do we have this information passed to the Americans?”, he added.

“Of course, we with our partners will have on this enough to conduct serious consultations”, – concluded the President of the Russian Federation.


November 24, fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 shot down Russian bomber su-24M, which, according to Ankara, had violated the country’s airspace near the border with Syria.

The crew of a military aircraft managed to eject, but one of the two pilots was killed by ground fire. The second pilot was rescued. In search of the pilots was attended by two helicopters Mi-8. One of the cars came under fire and made an emergency landing. One marine soldier was killed.

In the Russian defense Ministry said the su-24M was extremely over Syrian territory, and that violations of its airspace was not.

Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the bomber would have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations. According to the head of state, the Turkish air force attack on the Russian plane involved in anti-terrorist operations in Syria and posed a threat to Turkey, is a “stab in the back” of Russia.

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“Act of aggression” Ankara: what has changed in relations between Russia and Turkey after the incident with the su-24M