The Turkish Ministry of agriculture: crisis in relations with Russia should not affect the economic sphere

ANKARA, November 27. /Corr. Kirill Zharov/. The crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey should not affect the economic sphere. This opinion was expressed by the Minister of agriculture of Turkey Faruk ├želik.

“We have with Russia is a very serious trade in the agricultural sector. In Russia in the year Turkey exports products to $1.27 billion, while Turkey imports from Russia at $2,85 billion If we look for solutions to the crisis, then no need to touch the economic sphere, because it will affect the Turkish and Russian manufacturers, and to a greater extent on Russian,” he said.

“We continue to work and dialogue among empowered leaders. The relations between our friendly countries don’t need to take in unwanted area. The problem must be solved within certain limits without any admixture of national feelings. This is wrong,” he said.

The crisis in relations between the two countries arose from the fact that the fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 on November 24 shot down a Russian bomber su-24M, which, according to Ankara, had violated the country’s airspace near the border with Syria.

The defense Ministry claims that the su-24M was extremely over Syrian territory and that “violations of the airspace of Turkey.” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the attack on the bomber would have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations. According to the head of state, the Turkish air force attack on the Russian plane, which was involved in anti-terrorist operations in Syria and did not pose a threat to Turkey, is a “stab in the back” of Russia.