Meeting of parliamentarians of Russia and Ukraine cancelled

Meeting of parliamentarians of Russia and Ukraine cancelled

The Ukrainian delegation was informed that I will not be able to participate in the meeting due to health problems parliamentarians. The Russian side regrets that the seminar did not take place.

MOSCOW, 28 Nov. A meeting of representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations, which was planned in the framework of the seminar under the auspices of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE at the border between Germany and Denmark, could not succeed because of problems arising from the Ukrainian side, said Saturday the Deputy of the state Duma, the OSCE PA special representative on anti-terrorism, Nikolay Kovalev.

According to him, the Ukrainian delegation the day before the seminar was informed that cannot participate due to health problems of members of the delegation and family circumstances.

“So, eight countries, who had planned to participate in this seminar and I am particularly grateful for the willingness to cooperate, to dialogue, inter-parliamentary cooperation between Russia and Ukraine — however, they were in such a position that suffered financial losses,” he said, noting that many of the booked tickets, was disbursed in simultaneous interpreters.

“Maybe it is, of course, a trifle, but not very nice on the Ukrainian side at the last moment, such an unexpected… of Course, life happens,” added Kovalev.

The MP noted that the Russian side wishes of recovery to the members of the Ukrainian delegation regrets that the seminar did not take place.

“The Russian delegation has laid on him the hope to resolve the situation. We had concrete proposals on this score, we were going to actively participate in its work. But, alas, not Russia’s fault that the event didn’t take place”, — concluded the Deputy.

Earlier, Kovalev said that the parliamentarians of Russia and Ukraine in late November can hold a meeting at the seminar in Germany, where also will participate the representatives of Denmark, France, Switzerland and other countries. The theme of the seminar will be conflict resolution in the border areas. A similar event already held Germany on the border with France, to demonstrate how long time fought among Nations came to the world, reminded the MP.