Special measures: Russia has responded to a “stab in the back” by Turkey

Special measures: Russia has responded to a “stab in the back” by Turkey

President Putin signed a decree on application of special economic measures against Turkey. Among other things, the decree limits the importation of Turkish goods, the Russian prohibit employers to hire Turkish citizens, and suspends the visa-free regime.

MOSCOW, 28 Nov –. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin after the incident with the Russian su-24 shot down the Turkish military, has signed a decree “On measures for safeguarding national security of the Russian Federation and protecting Russian citizens from criminal and other unlawful acts and on application of special economic measures against the Turkish Republic.”

The measures contained in the decree:

  • to prohibit or restrict the importation into Russia of certain types of goods, country of origin is Turkey (except goods imported for personal use to the extent permitted by law of the Eurasian economic Union);
  • to prohibit or limit activities under the jurisdiction of Turkish organizations on the territory of Russia;
  • to prohibit employers in Russia from 1 January 2016 to hire workers from among Turkish citizens who are not in labor or civil-legal relations with employers as at 31 December 2015;
  • to suspend from January 1, 2016 action a visa-free regime with Turkey. These actions do not target Turkish citizens with temporary residence permit or a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also citizens sent to work in diplomatic missions and consular institutions located on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • tour operators and travel agents are required to stop selling the citizens of the Russian Federation of the tourist product, providing a visit to Turkey.

The government charged:

  • to determine the lists of goods and services as well as employers subject to the Ordinance;
  • to determine the list of contracts for the supply of goods or services to which economic measures against Turkey are not applied;
  • to take measures providing for the ban on Charter air transport from Russia to Turkey and the strengthening of monitoring activities of the Turkish road carriers on the territory of the Russian Federation to ensure safety;
  • strengthen port controls and monitoring to ensure transport security of the water areas of Russian sea ports in the Azov-black sea basin, including the prevention of illegal stay and movement of sea and other vessels in water areas of Russian ports.

The decree was published and came into force on 28 November. The document will continue until the abolition of the established measures.