The Ukrainian delegation once again thwarted the dialogue with representatives of the Russian Federation at the site of the OSCE PA

MOSCOW, November 28. The Russian-Ukrainian inter-parliamentary dialogue, which was to be held on Saturday at the site of the OSCE PA, did not take place again, this time due to an unexpected “illness” representatives of Kiev. This was reported by a member of the Russian delegation in the Assembly, state Duma Deputy Nikolai Kovalev. Previously it was assumed that he and his colleagues will participate in the seminar of the OSCE PA “Danish-German experience in the border regions and the role of national minorities” on November 28-29.

Turned out “not very nice”

Kovalev said that the Ukrainian delegation the day before the seminar was informed that “they were all sick, including family members, in connection to the seminar to arrive can’t.” “So, eight countries, who had planned to participate in the seminar, and I Express my special gratitude for the willingness to cooperate, to dialogue, inter-parliamentary cooperation between Russia and Ukraine – however, they were in such a position that suffered financial losses”, – he stated.

So, many members have pre-booked the tickets, moreover, was made in advance to the interpreters-the interpreters. “Maybe it is, of course, a trifle, but not very nice on the Ukrainian side (to do) at the last moment”, – said Kovalev. He agreed that “life happens”, expressed his sympathy and wished recovery to all the members of the Ukrainian delegation and all the members of their families. “But the fact remains that the seminar, unfortunately, did not take place, although the Russian delegation has laid on him the hope to resolve the situation”, – said the politician.

According to him, the Russian legislators were specific proposals and they were going to actively participate in the seminar. “But, alas, not Russia’s fault that the event didn’t take place”, he concluded.

For family reasons

The day before the seminar, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the OSCE PA Arthur Gerasimov wrote to the speaker of the Assembly Ilkka Kanerva a letter that explains the reason for the refusal to participate in the seminar. “To my deep regret, I must inform you that the Ukrainian delegation will not be able to participate in the seminar to study the experience of the Danish-German border region”, – stated in the document, which was obtained from a source in the Russian Parliament. “The reason for this situation – health problems and family circumstances of the members of the delegation of Ukraine”, – stated in it.


The agreement on the holding of this seminar was achieved in September at the autumn session of the OSCE PA. It was assumed that it will be similar in format and agenda of the event, which was held under the auspices of the Assembly in March in the German Leinsweiler (near the border with France) and was dedicated to the experience of conflict resolution in the border regions. Then took place the first dialogue between representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine after the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side not for the first time on various pretexts breaks such meetings. So, in the fall of 2014 Ukraine and a number of countries refused to participate in the meeting on the sidelines of the PA OSCE session in Geneva was created at the initiative of the Russian Federation inter-parliamentary group on Ukraine. In March of this year the delegation of Ukraine had violated the agreement to hold inter-parliamentary meetings at the site of Assembly in Copenhagen.