Novak will assess the readiness of the Crimea to the launch of the energy bridge

SIMFEROPOL, November 29. Energy Minister Alexander Novak will come to the Crimea to assess the readiness of the infrastructure on the Peninsula for the launch of the energy bridge from the Krasnodar region. This was reported to journalists the Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Andrey Tcherezov.

“The Minister will come, first, to familiarize with the situation in more detail. Visit the necessary facilities that we have planned, including will be addressed the issue of fuel supply, availability of fuel at filling stations of traders and General preparedness to enable the energy bridge,” he said, adding that the start date of the object “all delight”.

After the launch of the so-called energy bridge, which will run along the bottom of the Kerch Strait, the power system of the Crimea becomes independent from Ukraine. As reported earlier, reporters Novak, the first phase of the project will be taken until December 20 of this year, every effort is made to expedite the work.

In the Crimea very much hope that the first megawatts from the mainland will arrive at the grid of the Peninsula already at the beginning of next month. For example, the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov hopes that the energy bridge will start on December 5-6. According to him, Crimea is ready to receive energy from the Kuban.

Crimea was completely disconnected on the night of November 22 as a result of blasting two transmission poles coming from the Ukraine. Now the power system of the Peninsula has been isolated, used to save fan power. Social objects are connected to independent power sources.