Credit Suisse was going to cut bonus pool by 60%

Moscow. November 30. Swiss Bank Credit Suisse plans to cut bonus pool this year by 60%, writes the British newspaper Sunday Times without specifying the source of information.

The newspaper notes that some employees of the British Bank Barclays may not receive additional payments for the year.

The most drastic decline bonuses expects loss-making divisions that are engaged in the trading of fixed-income instruments.

Deutsche Bank, a leading investment Bank in Europe, intends to reduce extra payments this year by 500 million euros, almost a third, said the Agency Bloomberg informed sources.

At the same time, American JPMorgan, the largest investment Bank in the world in terms of revenue, will save the size of the bonus pool at last year’s level, according to Agency sources. In 2014, its volume was $10.4 billion, which is 3.6% less than in the previous year.