DIA will spend $106 thousand in search of beneficiaries of banks abroad

Moscow. November 30. The Agency for Deposit insurance has tied-in one of the foreign legal company to collect information about the individuals controlling the banks, including their assets outside the Russian Federation, follows from materials on the website of the DIA.

In September the contract was signed with law firm Hogan Lovells, its price was 90 thousand pounds sterling (more than $135 thousand). The period of service from 16 September to 31 December 2015. DIA has experience of working with Hogan Lovells, which represents the interests of the Corporation in the court of London at the suit of the ex-Senator and founder of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev.

As stated on the website of the Deposit insurance Agency, the same services the Corporation will render the company “Herbert Smith Freehills CIS LLP” (the structure of the international company Herbert Smith Freehills).The period of service from November 25 to December 23, 2015. The cost of the contract – $106,2 thousand

The company undertakes to obtain information on the actual locations of Supervisory persons and beneficiaries of the Bank owned by them, directly or indirectly, of property, as well as other discovered information. In addition, the company should conduct an analysis of the jurisdiction of the courts and the appropriateness of the presentation of possible claims against controlling individuals in their location.

The head of the DIA Yuri Isaev in July in an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” said that now the DIA is working with lawyers and detectives on a number of banks, trying to figure out where and from whom are assets of banks with revoked licenses.

“Just spend the money on lawyers and then find that no assets de jure does not exist, is not serious. We do not put before itself the purpose to send someone to jail. We have no personal animosity to the former owners of the banks. Our task is to return the money to the bankruptcy estate. As in the case of Pugachev – we are absolutely not interested, in which country he is and what he does,” said Isaev.

In his estimation, to assemble the original file in each case, you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and euros. “There is another scheme in which we are not yet working but considered for yourself. There are structures in England, in Switzerland, in the US, which you undertake at its expense to investigate such cases, to look for assets to recover their. If successful, they take a share – 30-40% return. We do not spend a penny, but by hiring such lawyers, can achieve certain results. We are still studying how it works, and we believe that if you have a chance to return the money to the bankruptcy estate, you need to use it in full”, – said the head of the DIA.