Hungary did not rule out the possibility of the construction of Paks nuclear power plant without government support

Moscow. November 30. The construction of the Paks NPP is possible even without government support, Hungary closely cooperates with the EU on the issue of investigation against the station and will do everything in her power, said the Commissioner of the government of Hungary on the extension of the Paks NPP Attila Asodi at the forum in Hungary

According to him, the work started in 2015, Hungary now wants to get permission to use the site. Budapest alerted Europe about the project back in 2013.

“At the moment with the European Commission discusses three questions. One issue relates to the law about “Paks-2”, on what conditions it is possible to know the details (of the project), the second question – are there any state subsidies in this project, we present a detailed study on the subject. The third issue relates to the award of the contracts, the way was chosen as the main contractor Rosatom, said Asodi.

He also reminded about the condition of participation in the project of Hungarian enterprises. According to first Deputy head of the state Corporation “Rosatom” Kirill Komarov, for the preliminary work already involved in the Hungarian companies. According to him, the main reactor equipment will be manufactured in Russia according to Russian technologies, but the rest of the equipment and on construction works “Rosatom” will hold tenders. And they can participate in including Hungarian companies.

According to Komarov, Rosatom is not a party that is involved in the process of discussions with the European Commission. “These negotiations are conducted by our Hungarian colleagues. We are clearly fulfilling all obligations on the project. Secondly, I want to say that everything that is done on the project, is done openly and transparently,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission started an in-depth investigation into state aid plan for Hungary to secure financing for the construction of two new nuclear reactors “Paks-2”. The Commission is about to find out whether the project is implemented on market terms, or it comes to state aid, and to understand how it affects competition.

In December 2014 the state atomic energy Corporation Rosatom signed contracts for the completion of NPP Paks in Hungary. The total investment cost will not exceed 12.5 billion euros. Before that, in March of the same year, Russia and Hungary signed an agreement on granting the Russian loan of 10 billion euros for the completion of NPP Paks.

At the moment NPP “Paksh”, built by the Soviet project, working four power units with VVER reactors with total capacity about 2 ths MW. The Hungarian Parliament in 2009 approved the construction of two new power units at nuclear power plants. The tender, participation in which in addition to Rosatom was interested in the French Areva and the Japanese-American Westinghouse was supposed to take place in 2011, then – at the end of 2012, however it was never announced.