“Kosher Russia” will go on elections to the state Duma in 2016

“Kosher Russia” will go on elections to the state Duma in 2016

Party “Union of citizens” is going to change the name to “Kosher Russia” on the eve of elections to the State Duma. Documents about the renaming to the Ministry of justice plan to submit after the New year.

MOSCOW, 30 Nov. Party “Union of citizens” will go to 2016 elections to the State Duma under a new name “Kosher.”

“Of course, if renaming occurs, the party is renamed under elections: the task of every party is involved in elections, primarily the State Duma”, — said the Chairman of the Central Council of the party, Vyacheslav Smirnov.

According to him, the documents in the Ministry of justice will be served after the New year. “To withstand all the required timeframe to rename the regional offices and the party. From December to April will be a period of rebranding, that is, renaming is also part of the campaign,” said Smirnov.

In his opinion, if the party otherwise was called, the name would be “drowned in a swamp of General political parties” and the original party.

“Some 20% of Jews in the list is, well, I think that 10% of the votes we can expect, unless, of course, we are registered by the CEC,” — said Smirnov.