Russian companies sent almost 190 million rubles for the development of science in the far Eastern Federal University

VLADIVOSTOK, November 30. /Corr. Marina Shatilova/. The largest Russian company has sent this year the endowment Fund of far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) almost 190 million rubles. These funds directed to scientific research, including projects in the Arctic. About it the correspondent of TASS news Agency said on Monday, the head of the press service FEFU Alex Magalas.

“FEFU partners in the formation of the endowment Fund became the largest Russian financial and business structures, such as “SUEK”, “Aeroflot”, “Gazprom”, “Sberbank”, “VTB Bank”. Signed memorandums of cooperation with the holding “Helicopters of Russia” and “Asian-Pacific Bank”,- said the representative of the University.

“Just the Foundation received non-budget investments in the amount of 189 million rubles, that allowed to form the endowments of programs such as “Development and support of FEFU”, “Fundamental and exploratory research”, “Development of Arctic research”, “Development of the Medical center dvfu,” said the University.

The endowment Fund of the University established in 2011 with the aim of attracting long-term deposits and donations from individuals and corporations for the formation of endowments of the University. However, only this year he began active work on attraction of partners.

The Foundation provides endowments through donations and transfers these funds to the Management company in trust for the purpose of obtaining income which is subsequently transferred to the University annually and is directed to the implementation of the programmes and projects agreed with donors. For trust management of the attracted funds of the University were selected by professional management company “Gazprombank – asset Management”, “VTB Capital Asset Management” and “Sberbank Asset Management”.