Shuvalov: measures against Turkey mainly relate to agricultural products

Shuvalov: measures against Turkey mainly relate to agricultural products

GORKI, November 30. Under the restrictive measures imposed against Turkey, mostly covered agricultural production, industrial production is not yet included in the sanctions list of goods, said first Vice Premier Igor Shuvalov at a meeting with the Prime Minister.

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Medvedev: Cabinet may extend the restrictive measures against Turkey

Mainly agricultural products

“It’s mostly agricultural products. Industrial production suggest that while the restrictive measures currently not included. If necessary, the government always can this list be expanded,” – said Shuvalov at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Under restrictive measures fall goods, are not critical for the Russian economy, he said.

“For industrial products, we have carefully studied all export map of the Republic of Turkey. Not to say that they are so strongly linked with the Russian market, so we are now in this period of time should refrain from such decisions (restrictions on Turkish industrial exports)”, – said Shuvalov.

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He noted that today the Minister of agriculture at the meeting in the government confirmed that for certain types of fruits and vegetable it will help the development of production in the country.

Shuvalov said that Russia has already received proposals from other countries on the possibility of additional supply of agricultural products to the Russian market.
He said that Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, together with the Ministry of industry and trade is working to prevent shortages of goods in trading networks. In the event of termination of the importation of these products from Turkey, it needs to be immediately purchased in other markets.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, in turn, said that the Ministry of industry and trade is preparing a list of goods from Turkey, the import of which could potentially prohibit or restrict.

“Industrial production is now really proposed restriction not to enter. However, the Ministry of industry and trade was instructed to prepare a possible list of limitations, which if necessary can be put into action,” said Dvorkovich.

On the work of Turkish companies and citizens in the Russian Federation

Shuvalov also said that the Turkish citizens work in Russia under contracts concluded before 31 December, subject to limitations will not fall.

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The Dvorkovich said that the government within 2 weeks will prepare a list of investment projects in the Russian Federation with the participation of Turkish companies.

“Another issue is the implementation of investment projects in construction and transport. We have a number of projects are Turkish company with some Turkish workers. Igor Ivanovich (Shuvalov) said that they will continue to work, those who are already here and already has an employment relationship. Nevertheless, we will viveram a list of these employers and specific investment projects in the next two weeks,” – said Dvorkovich.
He added that the issue of separate airports, stadiums for the FIFA world Cup, the number of large industrial projects in the chemical industry, in production of consumer goods, metallurgical products.