The Chinese Central Bank in October purchased of 0.45 million ounces of gold

Moscow. November 30. The people’s Bank of China in October has increased its reserves of gold in the composition of international reserves by 0.45 million ounces (about 14 tons), according to statistics published by the Bank.

In September, the gold reserves in China, according to people’s Bank, was 54,93 million ounces (1,709 thousand tons), in October – i.e. 55.38 million ounces (1,723 tons). For the month China increased its gold reserves by about 1%.

In July the people’s Bank of China for the first time in six years has published official statistics on the volume of gold in international reserves of the country. Prior to this, officially it was believed that reserves of gold in China unchanged from 2009 and make 33,89 million ounces (1,054 tonnes). As it turned out, for 6 years China bought a 19,43 million ounces (604 tons) of gold and increased reserves by 57%.

Interviewed by Interfax experts converged then in opinion that voiced the people’s Bank of China reserves the gold reserves is disappointing. Previously unofficially there was reason to suppose that the gold reserves of China is 4-5 thousand tons.