The party of “Kosher Russia” is created in Russia

MOSCOW, November 30. Party “Union of citizens” will be renamed the party of “Kosher Russia”, which will go to elections with the slogan “Together we Russian” and “Us to live here,” said the new Chairman of the Central Council of the party, Director of Institute of political sociology Vyacheslav Smirnov. In the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJCR) I don’t see anything insulting religious feelings.

Smirnov said that the decision to rebrand the party and his appointment was made at the Congress last week. According to the political technologist, “Kosher Russia” will not “party leader, last name”, and “party ideology and the party’s image”. He also reminded that by law the party cannot be created on the basis of religious and national principles.

“Ideology (the new party) is simple – ideology of Russian national-cosmopolitanism. Russian for the reason that we live in Russia, everything must be Russian – Russian Jews, Russians, Armenians, Russians, Slavs,” – said Smirnov.

He explained that the national idea is that everyone living in Russia must comply with the rules and laws common to all. Cosmopolitanism is “a broad perspective on European values, understanding that we are part of the European civilization”.

Smirnov noted that the documents for re-registration of the party is ready, but will be submitted to the Ministry of justice later, tentatively in April. The party plans to put forward on elections in the state Duma and the list of candidates-independent candidates, even in districts where they have little prospects. “The campaign will be very positive, the list will be international. The slogans are simple: “Kosher Russia – for”, “Strong Russia – kosher Russia”, “We live here”, “Together we Russian”, – said Smirnov.

“In Hebrew kosher means “proper, permitted, deserved.” The creators of this brand know it is unlikely,” – said the head of the Department of the FJCR public relations Boruch Gorin. At the same time, he noted that the eccentric moves in politics have existed at different times, and in the present as well. “I wouldn’t resent that name, my religious feelings it is not an insult”, he said.