Turkey does not want to apologize for su-24, Russia is preparing the list of goods prohibited for import

Turkey does not want to apologize for su-24, Russia is preparing the list of goods prohibited for import

MOSCOW, November 30. Relations between Russia and Turkey continue to deteriorate rapidly. The Russian government is preparing sanctions against Turkey, whose Prime Minister has Ahmet Davutoglu said that his country regretted the incident with the downed Turkish air force Russian su-24 aircraft, but does not intend to apologize.

A forced response

Restrictive measures of Russia against Turkey was a forced response to the actions of Ankara, said the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. On such measures Russia has “solely in the interests of ensuring the security of our people and in response to the aggressive behavior of Turkey,” he said. The Prime Minister noted that the restrictive measures affect a significant portion of economic relations between the two countries.

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Medvedev: Cabinet may extend the restrictive measures against Turkey

“So we act pragmatic, so that our decisions were the most sensitive for the Turkish side and thus minimally affect our economic interests,” Medvedev said.

“The measures that will be included in the present draft resolution, this is only the first step. We will see how will the events develop. We have the ability under the authority of a presidential decree to expand the list of goods subject to a ban, to expand the numbers of persons who are prohibited to enter Russia, and to take other measures aimed at restricting and curtailing cooperation with the Turkish Republic,” he added.

“Ultimately we hope that these measures will lead to the desired result. These measures are not directed against Turkish citizens, and will simply contribute to the objectives set by the decree of the President”, – said the Prime Minister.

The Turkish economy will feel the consequences

Under the restrictive measures imposed against Turkey, mostly covered agricultural production, industrial production is not yet included in the sanctions list of goods, said first Vice Premier Igor Shuvalov. “If necessary, the government always can this list be expanded,” – said Shuvalov, adding that under the restrictive measures fall goods, are not critical for the Russian economy.

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Shuvalov: measures against Turkey mainly relate to agricultural products

According to him, restrictive measures “were taken to ensure that the Turkish economy felt the adverse effects”. Shuvalov also said that under new contracts providing for the involvement of Turkish specialists from 1 January 2015, the government will determine the list of objects and employers that receive appropriate permissions. “We do not exclude the use of Turkish citizens on building sites in Russia or those facilities that are being built. But it will be under very serious control by the labour Ministry and the Federal migration service,” – said the first Vice Premier.

In addition, to ensure the safety of Russians stopped the sale of tours to Turkey, and all the charters will be cancelled after the removal therefrom of Russian citizens, said Shuvalov.

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Putin signed a decree on application of special economic measures in relation to Turkey

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on November 28 signed a decree providing for the imposition of prohibition or restrictions on the import into Russia of certain goods from Turkey according to the list determined by the government. In addition, to protect national security and national interests, protect Russian citizens from criminal and other unlawful acts by a decree prohibiting or limiting for organizations under the jurisdiction of Turkey, the performance of certain types of work in the territory of the Russian Federation.

However, the draft government resolution on measures against Turkey will not apply to the Turkish citizens under contracts concluded before 31 December 2015. “It is, rather, the restrictive measures related to economic relations. What concerns people is the introduction of the visa procedure under the presidential decree. But not limited to the entry to Russia to visit the Russian Federation need to obtain a visa”, – said the first Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, the greatest difficulties would arise only for those Turkish citizens who intend to work in Russia.

Turkish business explain restrictive measures

Medvedev instructed the government to explain the restrictive measures of the Turkish business.

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Turkey cut exports to Russia for 10 months of 39%

“It is necessary to clarify the decisions we make, everyone who works in the Russian Federation, including, naturally, representatives of Turkish business. The decision, Turkish business, of course, is not to blame. They were held hostage by the Turkish authorities”, – said the head of the Russian government.

At the same time Davutoglu said Monday that Turkey does not intend to respond with sanctions to limit the Russian Federation and invited the Russian people to continue to come to Turkey. “Turkey, like Russia, has always been against unilateral economic sanctions that have manifested themselves in our position on Ukraine. So we are saddened that Russia has taken a different path,” he said.

Turkey regrets, but doesn’t apologize

Davutoglu reiterated the Turkish side’s unwillingness to apologize for the downed su-24. “We regret the incident with the Russian plane. But we said earlier, after previous violations by Russia of our airspace that we have a right to protect its borders. No need to accuse us that we defend its airspace”, he said after meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.

The Turkish government has declared its readiness to cooperate with the Russian side and stressed that Turkey “is open to any dialogue with Russia.” Thus, in particular, Ankara is ready to transfer to Russia all the information about the incident. “If the Russian side is ready to hold talks to prevent future unintentional incidents, we are ready to provide them all the technical information about the details of the incident”, – said Davutoglu and added that his country “is ready to contacts to normalize relations”.

NATO supports its

Violations of air borders of Turkey are violations of the borders of NATO, so Turkey is first informed of his allies and gained their full support, said Davutoglu.

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The commander’s body shot down over Syria su-24 delivered to Moscow

Turkey claims that the downed bomber had violated Turkish airspace, while Russian defense Ministry said that the plane was destroyed in the airspace of Syria, where the HQs of the Russian Federation operating at the invitation of the Syrian government. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier that “NATO data coincide with the assessment of Turkey”, which is one of the members of the Alliance.

At a meeting in Brussels with Davutoglu, NATO Secretary General, by evaluating the actions of Ankara, noted that all countries of the Alliance “supports the sovereign right of Turkey to protect its borders”. Nevertheless, Stoltenberg urged Russia and Turkey “to show restraint and composure” and expressed the hope that “de-escalation of the situation through direct contacts” between the two countries.

The foreign Ministers of NATO countries at the meeting on 1-2 December in Brussels will review the incident and the possible ways of preventing such incidents in future, said Mr Stoltenberg.