Media: Turkish exporters of vegetables and fruits will lose $150 million due to Russian sanctions

Media: Turkish exporters of vegetables and fruits will lose $150 million due to Russian sanctions

ANKARA, December 1. /Corr. Kirill Zharov/. The losses of Turkish exporters of vegetables and fruits because of the tension in relations with Russia could be about $150 million On Tuesday Turkish economic newspaper “Dunya” with reference to its sources.

“The approximate amount of fresh vegetables and fruits that can’t be delivered to Russia and may be damaged or rot, is estimated at 190 thousand tons. In monetary terms that’s $150 million awaits This cargo in the ports, at borders and in warehouses”, – the newspaper said.

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Exporters are already sounding the alarm, since the internal market was not initially expected that these volumes will be forced in Turkey.

The publication notes that while these goods may not be delivered in Russia, the prices of vegetables and fruits in Turkey are growing. “It is expected that admission of these products to the domestic market, prices will fall, but it turns out that consumers don’t see lower prices. Sellers under the pretext of the beginning of the winter season began to raise them”, – reports the newspaper.

The publication also cites the opinion of the Chairman of the International transporters Association of Turkey çetin Nuhoğlu. He said that after the tightening procedure of the Russian customs at the border formed a queue of heavy vehicles who carry goods not only in Russia, but also through the Russian Federation to the countries of Central Asia.

“In connection with the situation more actively to use the Caspian route. If the ferries across the Caspian sea will start to work at full load, then the cost of road charges for trucks will fall by 30%”, – said Nuhoğlu.

Russia from November 26, imposed tight control over food supplies from Turkey and performs additional checks at the border and in the workplace. According to the statement of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, these measures are introduced in connection with repeated violations of Turkish producers in the Russian standards. The CPS also began thorough checks of Turkish goods already present on the domestic market.