Power: the United States shares Russia’s attitude on combating the financing of DAYS

UN, 2 Dec. Olga Denisova. The United States shares Russia’s attitude on the fight against financing of terrorists, said U.S. permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power.

The United States is the President of the Security Council in December.

Earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that the Russian Federation began consultations with the members of the UN Security Council on a draft resolution on the implementation of the earlier adopted document on the suppression of financing of terrorists “Islamic state” (in the Arabic version of DAYS). The document provides toughening of control over whether oil trade and cultural values with terrorist groups.

“We are not happy with how it is controlled and how is the resolution 2199, which was adopted at our initiative. We want to tighten the whole procedure,” said the Russian permanent representative.

Samantha Power confirmed the receipt of this document. At a briefing on Tuesday, the diplomat said that in parallel with the Russian project there are discussions on the activities of the sanctions Committee of the UN security Council 1267/1989 concerning al-Qaida and associated individuals and organizations.

“Most of Russia’s efforts against ISIS are focusing on, focus on what we are funding and the need to contain access to the means of IG, whether it is selling oil or making money through the international financial institutions. Here we share interests,” said the American envoy.

Terrorist group “Islamic state” banned in Russia.