Putin will be preparing a message to the Federal Assembly

MOSCOW, December 2. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will focus exclusively on preparing the message to the Federal Assembly, which will announce on December 3.

“Preparations continue for message, while I can’t announce any public events, that is, it is the President who works on the text is working on the main messages and ideas of the message” – said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

The representative of the Kremlin, not to mention the content of the message, said the theme of the construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” is unlikely to be affected in the document. “Of course, it’s not a matter of figuritively in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly, if you mean one specific project,” – said Peskov on a question of journalists, whether will be affected by this problem in the Epistle.

Earlier, the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov told journalists that Putin will deliver a message after a careful study and making handwritten adjustments to the project. “As accents, depends on the willingness of the President when he read the outline of the draft message and will make adjustments. And often he does it himself in the literal sense,” Ivanov said.

Vladimir Putin in early November announced the start of work on the message. This is a mandatory annual address of the President to the Parliament, which presents his views on the main directions of development of the state. “The message is the result of collective work; without government, without a Central Bank it can’t be done on a high professional level”, – said the President.

The last time Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly on 4 December 2014. The reading of the document started at 12:06 MSK in the St. George hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and lasted over an hour. His address, the President first thanked the Russians for support and solidarity in crucial moments, when you resolve the future of the country.