RZD before the end of 2016 plans to introduce a new method of railway tariffs

RZD before the end of 2016 plans to introduce a new method of railway tariffs

MOSCOW, 2 Dec. RZD in December of 2015 I plan to prepare the basic parameters of the concept of the new method of railway tariffs, and to introduce it before the end of 2016, said in an interview with the President of the company Oleg Belozerov.

Belozerov in September this year said that the company plans to develop a new system of tariffs. Prices for freight transport are determined in accordance with the price list 10-01. Belozerov said that the company is now at the beginning of the work that needs to be broken down into several stages.

“First of all, it is a concept. Within the concept need to answer the questions of what’s fair, what’s unfair. The concept has already been developed and we are planning in the month of December to enter the fundamental settings…. Approximately by may we plan to coordinate these approaches and the end of the year to give the new tariff”, — said the head of Russian Railways.

He noted that it is necessary to determine a number of issues, in particular, by distance, to give any discounts to the mileage where these discounts can be mandatory, and farmed out to either the company, or in some instances for making such decisions. According to Belozerov, there is a fundamental approach: the Railways are required to transport without losses.

About the feasibility of developing a new system of tariffs say many participants in the freight market and state regulators. The current tariff system was designed on the basis of technological and economic indicators of rail transport, which was formed in 2001.

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