Sands: invitation to Montenegro to NATO will cause response of Russia

Sands: invitation to Montenegro to NATO will cause response of Russia

MOSCOW, December 2. The invitation to NATO Montenegro will entail reciprocal steps by Russia, says the Kremlin.

“The expansion of NATO can only lead to retaliatory action”

“On many different levels always Moscow, it was noted that the continued expansion of NATO military infrastructure of NATO to the East, of course, can not but lead to retaliatory action from the East, i.e., Russia in the interests of security and the maintenance of parity of interests”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

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Show of force: NATO increases presence of the Alliance on the “Eastern flank”

Spokesman, however, called it premature to talk about specific responses.

The representative of the Kremlin urged: “Let’s assume that the President (of Russia) his point of view on this subject is not yet articulated, not let’s wait for the experts, as official statements, if they follow the Ministry of foreign Affairs, our military Department or the head of state”.

Peskov gave no answer to the question, do you expect the reaction of Vladimir Putin on this. “I don’t know, don’t expected,” he said, noting that “the priorities are different now”.

On December 3 the President will address a Message to the Federal Assembly.

“A historic day”

The foreign Ministers of NATO on 2 December to begin accession negotiations, which, presumably, will last one and a half to two years.

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The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the resolution on support of integration in NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the membership of Montenegro in NATO is not directed against Russia.

“The accession of Montenegro to NATO is not directed against Russia and does not have anything to do with her. We have always advocated the right of every country to take decisions to ensure its security,” he said.

“It was an historic day for Montenegro and the entire Western Balkans. We reiterate our unlimited support for the continuation of the reform process and strengthen the unwavering support of the process of accession to NATO. In may next year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of independence, and I invite everyone to celebrate this event with us. Let this be the beginning of a beautiful Union,” said in turn Minister of foreign Affairs and European integration of Montenegro Igor lukšić.

The participants did not give the date of possible completion of negotiations and eventual accession of Montenegro to the Alliance. It is expected that the negotiation process will take place fast enough, and the country will be able to join NATO, after one or two years.

“Partnership for peace”

In Montenegro in the period from 2009 to the present, conducted a powerful propaganda campaign, “advertising” NATO and the idea of membership in the Alliance of Montenegro.

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The Prime Minister: Montenegro hopes to join NATO before the end of 2015

The task of raising public support for the accession of Montenegro to the Alliance is one of the main tasks set before the Brussels Podgorica in the process of preparation for reception.

Montenegro joined the NATO program “Partnership for peace” in Confederation with Serbia in 2003. In 2006, after declaring its independence it has confirmed the participation in this program.

In 2009 she received the action Plan on membership in NATO, the launch of which is the first step in the Alliance, however, does not guarantee entry.


The expansion of NATO to the East