The leader “Patriots of Russia” have criticized the activities of the Central Bank

The leader “Patriots of Russia” have criticized the activities of the Central Bank

In the financial-economic bloc of the government of the Russian Federation no tactics, no strategy of development, there is a stagnation of personnel, said the leader of the party “Patriots of Russia” Gennady Semigin at a party Congress.

MOSCOW, 2 Dec. The leader of the party “Patriots of Russia” Gennady Semigin harshly criticized the activity of the Ministers of financial and economic block of the government of the Russian Federation and the leadership of the Central Bank.

The tenth party Congress takes place on Wednesday, it began with a minute of silence in memory of those killed in terrorist acts of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Expressing an opinion party, Semigin criticized the “liberal group” in the Central Bank, intensifying, in his words, the tax pressure. “If you look at taxes on businesses, to overhaul, to increase fines — (this is) an attack on the legal entity, to fill holes and gaps in the budget,” said Semigin.

In his opinion, these bodies have neither tactics nor strategy of development, there is human congestion, leading to changes in positions of responsibility of people “who are not only incompetent, they are harmful”.

In this regard, “Patriots of Russia” offered the President to dismiss Ministers financially-the economic block and the management of the Central Bank, which, in the opinion of the party, can not cope with modern economic challenges. It is also proposed to replace officials, focused on their own well-being, the true patriots of the country, to oblige the Cabinet of Ministers as soon as possible to provide rigid mobilisation plan for the withdrawal of Russia from the crisis.

A Semigin noted that there are positive changes in the country. “Changes in the structure of GDP, a significant portion of exports are already not natural resources, but still hardware — power engineering, machinery, from 120th place we have risen to 51st,” said he.

In his words, Russia showed their technological and organizational capacity at the Olympics, it returns the power of the Russian army, Navy, unfolds a good job in the defence industry, there has been some improvement in the demographic situation.

“You can say that certain economic development and stability are still there, but if you look at the numbers, who leads the government of the Russian Federation in its statistical service, Russia’s GDP will be minus 4% this year, i.e. the recession, the budget deficit or minus 3%”, — said Semigin, noting that the concentration of billionaires 25% of the national wealth of Russia is a record in the world.

He said that the government is transferring these problems on the shoulders of the citizens, which is reflected in the level of pensions, salaries of physicians, teachers, doctors, social workers, leads to an increase in the number of paid services.

The party “Patriots of Russia” was founded in 2005 on a platform of “Russian labour party”, a split with the Communist party. The ideology of the party is democratic socialism, collectivism. With the 2011 ally of the party is established on the initiative of Vladimir Putin “the popular front. Regional branch of the party work in 80 regions of the country, over the years we have formulated the ideology of patriotism, national idea, the New course of development of Russia, organized the work of the National government in the regions has carried out over 600 social. economic and cultural projects in the interest of the citizens. Features “Patriots of Russia” operating in 9 regions, consisting of 35 deputies of the legislative Assembly. More than 30 regions 489 municipal Council members, a separate initiative of the party were adopted at the Federal and regional levels.