The Russian Federation introduces a special phytosanitary regime on the import of plant products from Belarus

The Russian Federation introduces a special phytosanitary regime on the import of plant products from Belarus

MOSCOW, December 1. Russia from December 7, introduces special phytosanitary regime for the importation of plant products via Belarus, reported in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

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The Rosselkhoznadzor may prohibit the importation of fruits and vegetables through Belarus

“The Rosselkhoznadzor from December 7, forced to impose the special phytosanitary regime, which implies the confirmation of authenticity of phytosanitary certificates, under which are issued the re-export phytosanitary certificates of Belarus”, – said the press-Secretary of Department Yulia in a few words.

According to her, these measures are necessary to prevent the import into the Russian Federation through Belarus of products of unknown origin, including products subject to the food embargo against EU countries.

As recalled in a few words, in recent years the specialists of the Agency detained a large number of vehicles imported products on the territory of Russia “unreasonable logistical ways.” “Our Belarusian colleagues give for this product re-export phytosanitary certificates based on fake certificates”, – she emphasized. This year the Rosselkhoznadzor has detained more than 400 such cars.

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“Completely illogical logistics routes when, for example, products from China taking first in Lithuania, then put through Belarus to Russia”, – gave the example of the representative of Rosselhoznadzora. She clarified that the measures will apply only to the products, which comes from Belarus. “The rest of the Russian territory (state border) will not touch it, as there are inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor and we are ready to provide a controlling mechanism,” he added in a few words.

In addition, the concerns of the Agency makes and the possibility of entry from 1 January 2016 illicit goods from Turkey through the territory of Belarus. “Certainly, dishonorable suppliers will resort to such supplies via Belarus,” said the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Previously, Melano reported that the Rosselkhoznadzor repeatedly appealed to the Belarusian side to discuss the situation, but no response and readiness to negotiations with Belarus followed.

Exotic fruits from Belarus

In terms of food embargo Belarus was a major supplier of products previously not supplied in Russia, including vegetables, berries and exotic fruits. As previously reported, Belarus for the year of food embargo (introduced in August 2014) more than doubled the supply of fruit to Russia, becoming, in particular, the largest supplier of kiwi.

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