Tula Governor is not going to resign

MOSCOW, December 1. The Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev, the rumors about the dismissal which appeared in the media yesterday, announced his intention to retain his post.

“In my position I serve as Tula and Russia. And I will serve. Where a decision is made by the head of state”, – transfers words Gruzdeva his press service.

Rumors of resignation – customized campaign

Conversations about retirement Gruzdev appeared in the media on 30 November, journalists relied on sources in the Russian government who supposedly know what Tula the head going to leave the post at own will. However, the press service of the Governor on Tuesday noted that we did not hear about possible resignation of the head of the region and stressed that the government is “as usual”.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the rumors about the possible upcoming resignation of the Governor is similar to a custom campaign. “It’s like a massive zakazuha”, – said the spokesman.

“Announcements that someone will resign on their own ridiculous”, he added. Also, according to Peskov, in the chart of Vladimir Putin in the near future is an appointment with Gruzdev.

Gruzdev thinks about a second term

Vladimir Gruzdev became the Governor of the Tula region in 2011, succeeding Vyacheslav Dudka. Upon completion of the first life Governor planned to run for a second time, if his work will be positively appreciated by both the President and residents. About it it is reported on the briefing held in Tula in October.

According to the tenth edition of the governors efficiency ranking released by the Foundation for civil society development in the same month, Gruzdev, along with the head of the Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev, led the third group of governors (the average rating) with 55 points. In the ninth edition of the ranking of efficiency Gruzdev was in the second group, which includes governors with a high rating, scored from 55 to 75 points.

In the explanatory note to the rating of effectiveness it is noted that the experts drew attention to the criticism of Tula entrepreneurs on the situation in the sphere of small and medium business of the region. “According to the Tula entrepreneurs, as a result of decisions of the Governor Vladimir Gruzdev, the Tula business in trade was oppressed super – and hypermarkets, the number of which has increased significantly. With the advent of Gruzdeva, according to media reports, there was a wave of scandals associated with the closure of markets, the auctions for the car parks, cancelled the tenders for passenger transportation”, – stated in the materials Fund.

100 billion rubles of attracted investments

According to the Tula government, own tax and non-tax revenues of the consolidated budget of Tula region according to the results of 2014 increased in comparison with the indicator of 2010 almost 85% to 63.8 billion rubles. This allowed the region to take first place in the Central Federal district on rates of growth of actual revenues. The region’s debt burden over the same period decreased from 37% to 32%, which allowed to climb up in the rankings on this indicator to 4th place in the district and on the 16th place in the country as a whole. Earlier Tula region for the volume of debt burden was the 7th and 49th places respectively.

Over the past four years in the Tula region implemented 49 major projects amounting to 91.6 billion rubles. Of these, cement plant “Heidelberg cement” annual capacity to 2 million tons with a total investment of 11.5 billion rubles, press – forging production of sukhodolskiy plant of special heavy machine building and third turn on the “Glass” with a total investment of 7.4 billion rubles.

This year in the Tula region continues to implement 37 investment projects worth 144 billion. In particular, the construction of a foundry-rolling plant “Tulachermet-Steel” for the production of long-rolled steel, structural shapes and slabs, the expansion of production “NAK “Azot” Novomoskovsk, “Shekinazot” In Shchekinsky district of Tula region.

Increased sharply in the region for four years and the volume of construction – by 2.2 times in 2014 in comparison with 2011, to 580 thousand square meters. In 2015 it is planned to put into operation record for the last 25 years, the number of square meters – 650 thousand. The average cost of housing economy class in the Tula region is 32.5 thousand rubles.

Record low unemployment

Commissioning of new and expansion of existing facilities allowed the Tula region to achieve a record low over the past 20 years the national unemployment rate was 0.8% as of 1 November 2015 when the country’s average is 1.2%. Only for the first ten months of 2015, in the Tula region was created 17.6 million jobs.

Moreover, the number of officials in the Tula region according to recent reports one of the lowest. “According to official data from Rosstat for the first half of 2015 Tula region is the first in the Central Federal district and the second in Russia by number of officials on 1 thousand persons (less than in us, only in the Chelyabinsk region)”, – is spoken in materials of the government of the Tula region.

Salary in the region in four years has nearly doubled, to 25,870 thousand rubles. Minimum – almost three times state employees amounting to 10 thousand rubles, extra-budgetary sphere – 12 thousand rubles.