AB InBev will sell several premium brands of SABMiller as part of a merger

Moscow. December 3. Belgian brewing company AB InBev is considering selling the rights to manufacture beer under premium brands Grolsch, Peroni and Meantime in Europe in the framework of the acquisition of the British SABMiller.

Thus the company hopes to secure the approval of antitrust regulators, particularly the European Commission.

In a press release, AB InBev noted that the sale brands will only happen after consultation with the shareholders and representatives of trade unions.

Earlier, analysts noted that the EC doubtfully refers to deals in which one company obtains more than 30% of the market. If the deal between AB InBev and SABMiller will take place, the combined company would control 30% of the Italian beer market and 27% of the market in the Netherlands and 20% in the UK and Hungary.

Peroni, one of the most popular brands of beer in Italy is a strategically important brand for the future beer giant: according to analysts of Susquehanna, in 2014 produced about 2.9 million hectoliters Peroni, while the volume of production of beer Budweiser exceeded 44 million hectoliters. In addition to Budweiser, the main global brands for AB InBev are Stella Artois and Corona.

Grolsch, the Dutch beer brand, produced from 1615, annually produces 3.2 hectoliters. SABMiller bought it in 2008.

Meantime Beer is a relatively young and small British brewer, founded in 2000, and became members of SABMiller in may 2015. Her brand has been repeatedly included in the list of the 50 best Beers in the world, and the head and founder Alastair hook was twice recognized by the British brewer of the year in 2008 and 2015.

AB InBev made a formal offer to buy SABMiller on 11 November. The deal is valued at $107 billion, the revenues of the combined company will be $64 billion, EBITDA of $24 billion, and the capitalization will exceed $260 billion